Welcome back for this week's edition of the Price Guides. In a time when the high tech industry is constantly making strides towards streamlining their manufacturing processes and boosting efficiency and yield, it's odd to see the prices of storage devices rising so consistently across the board. While it's still possible to find some really good deals, such as Comp USA's recent 60GB Maxtor HDD that was $30 out the door (no rebates), the majority of storage devices seem to be hiking up their sticker prices enough to be noticed and felt by the more budget-conscience buyers among us. Even if cost isn't a major issue, there's still no reason why you shouldn't try to get the best sale possible.

This week, we will take a look at prices for hard drives and DVD burners to help you determine which storage products will provide you with the most bang for your buck.

As usual, be sure to check out our RealTime Pricing Engine to view the latest prices available among our engine's quality retailers.

DVD Burners: High-End


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  • Brian23 - Sunday, October 17, 2004 - link

    More info please! Is this motherboard dependant? or is SATA just more b1tchy about timings being off? Reply
  • qquizz - Sunday, October 17, 2004 - link

    "With prices nearly identical to PATA drives of the same capacity and overall performance, there's no reason to avoid SATA as it will eventually become the de-facto standard."

    My understanding is that some have issues with SATA when overclocking.

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