09:59PM EDT - Ready to follow along for another press event? AMD is here, with all the senior faces coming on stage. Follow our live blog to hear what is being announced.

10:00PM EDT - Ian and Anton here, sitting behind Jim Anderson, Mike Rayfield, and Scott Herkelman

10:01PM EDT - OK here we go

10:02PM EDT - AMD China VP for opening remarks

10:02PM EDT - First half this year we launch Ryzen desktop APU and Ryzen 2nd gen desktop CPU and Ryzen Pro APU

10:03PM EDT - Today we will see details and updates from our leadership products

10:03PM EDT - Video time recapping AMD's last year

10:04PM EDT - AMD CEO, Dr Lisa Su, to the stage

10:05PM EDT - Computex is very important to AMD

10:05PM EDT - Always choose this show to talk about the latest and greatest

10:05PM EDT - The market is incredibly exciting

10:05PM EDT - Computing is everywhere

10:05PM EDT - More data, more devices, expanded intelligence, rise of AI and machine learning

10:06PM EDT - Intelligence at the edge and in the cloud

10:06PM EDT - An incredible time to be in the industry

10:06PM EDT - We are about changing and redefining the industry

10:07PM EDT - Ryzen, Radeon, EPYC, Instinct

10:07PM EDT - Since last Computex, it has been an amazing year

10:07PM EDT - 20 Desktop, Mobile, and HEDT processors

10:07PM EDT - All major PC OEMs on board

10:07PM EDT - More than 5 million Ryzen shipments to date

10:07PM EDT - >I wonder what the ASP is

10:08PM EDT - Ryzen launched in March 2017

10:08PM EDT - most Ryzen processors sold in the DIY space

10:08PM EDT - Expanding the Ryzen product portfolio today

10:08PM EDT - Radeon Momentum

10:08PM EDT - 400+ Million PC and Console on Radeon

10:09PM EDT - >"Vega" shipments... so Kaby-G ?

10:09PM EDT - Incredible install base

10:09PM EDT - Want to grow our user base

10:10PM EDT - The Vega high-end GPU from August 2017, AMD has had 10x the number of gamers on Vega vs Polaris

10:10PM EDT - A lot more Radeon to come

10:10PM EDT - EPYC is a game changer for servers

10:10PM EDT - Need a product that would transform the industry

10:10PM EDT - More than 50 server platforms from every major OEM and numerous ODMs

10:11PM EDT - EPYC is successful as it is a leadership product

10:11PM EDT - Redefining performance in the industry

10:11PM EDT - Industry leading core counts, PCIe lanes, and DRAM capacity

10:11PM EDT - More performance at every price point

10:12PM EDT - SPECint_rate_base2017 in 2P systems, up to 56%

10:12PM EDT - Recently announced Cisco systems

10:12PM EDT - Adopting EPYC for the highest-density UCS solution

10:13PM EDT - Announcing today, HPE Proliant DL325 Gen 10

10:13PM EDT - First 1P Proliant server

10:13PM EDT - 25% lower cost per VM

10:14PM EDT - Tencent SA1 Cloud Service powered by EPYC

10:14PM EDT - 30% lower cost per VM

10:14PM EDT - 3D rendering, Genetic Modeling, and e-Commerce

10:14PM EDT - Available from today

10:14PM EDT - A lot of hardware demonstrations for today

10:15PM EDT - going to talk a lot about gaming

10:15PM EDT - Worlds first generation demo of Threadripper 2

10:15PM EDT - Special demo of 7nm Vega as well

10:15PM EDT - First up is Scott Herkelman about Radeon Graphics

10:16PM EDT - Gaming is evolving - 335M watching in esports

10:16PM EDT - Gaming Hardware market has increased in TAM from $30b to $34b from 2016 to 2017

10:16PM EDT - Expanding reach into gaming and entertainment

10:16PM EDT - manufacturing and product lines

10:17PM EDT - Gaming is the future of innovation

10:17PM EDT - Gaming is ubiquitously social

10:17PM EDT - Enjoy each others company over the internet

10:18PM EDT - It's now more popular to watch streamers than TV in certain markets

10:19PM EDT - Putting the hardware and software together to get the best experience

10:19PM EDT - Gaming is fuelling the growth of notebooks and computers

10:19PM EDT - AMD is investing in making the difference

10:19PM EDT - Our partners are also innovating

10:20PM EDT - Other investments into eSports

10:20PM EDT - FNATIC, Evil Geniuses

10:20PM EDT - Also Far Cry 5

10:20PM EDT - AMD is making sure we are there with the hardware

10:20PM EDT - GPUs, Monitors, etc

10:20PM EDT - Also optimizations for the best games

10:21PM EDT - Make sure that every partner in the ecosystem benefits

10:21PM EDT - A lot of our partners will be talking about AMD related features and ecosystem

10:21PM EDT - Display can make or break the experience

10:22PM EDT - Making sure AMD optimizes between GPU and Monitor to get the best experience while being affordable and available

10:22PM EDT - 2x more FreeSync monitors than G-Sync

10:22PM EDT - Radeon software investment

10:23PM EDT - Changing settings mid-game using mobile interface

10:23PM EDT - This is the year of Vega

10:23PM EDT - Vega has been extremely important for AMD

10:24PM EDT - Works in consumer, high-end, workstation, and server

10:24PM EDT - Proud of 10x vega over previous gen

10:24PM EDT - Major partnerships in the last 12 months

10:25PM EDT - Making sure the hardware and technology is well understood

10:25PM EDT - Video time

10:25PM EDT - Jerry Hou from Acer on the stage

10:26PM EDT - AMD delivers good products so we can build our ideal machines for our customers

10:26PM EDT - Introducing three machines

10:26PM EDT - Our new machines use second gen Ryzen desktop processor

10:27PM EDT - Acer Nitro 50 using Ryzen 7 2700X

10:27PM EDT - RX 580 and Wireless Charging Pad

10:27PM EDT - Predator Orion 5000

10:27PM EDT - 2700X + AMD B450 chipset

10:27PM EDT - (B450 hasn't been announced yet)

10:28PM EDT - Users wants DIY but also pre-built systems that can be upgraded

10:29PM EDT - Not only the processor but also build in Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics into a notebook

10:29PM EDT - Acer Predator

10:29PM EDT - Dual fans

10:29PM EDT - looks like an embedded 2700X '

10:29PM EDT - ?!

10:29PM EDT - Predator Helios 500

10:30PM EDT - Ryzen 7 2700, Vega 56, 17.3-inch IPS

10:30PM EDT - Make sure that all the performance can be used for more than 6 hours

10:30PM EDT - Can also enjoy the Radeon technology and enjoy the full FreeSync experience

10:31PM EDT - Desktop level performance in a portable form factor

10:31PM EDT - AMD will continue to innovate in this space

10:31PM EDT - All the way through from desktop to Vega Mobile and beyond

10:32PM EDT - Now Radeon RX Vega56 Nano

10:32PM EDT - From Powercolor

10:32PM EDT - Available in select markets from today

10:33PM EDT - Can drive a different market with a new size of technology

10:33PM EDT - 1080p Freesync running on a 65-inch QLED TV

10:34PM EDT - Freesync adopted by Xbox One X

10:35PM EDT - and Xbox One S

10:35PM EDT - Only something that AMD can do - doesn't require an extra module, no gamer tax

10:35PM EDT - >shots fired

10:36PM EDT - Continue to see innovation in Vega

10:36PM EDT - Continue to invest in software and monitor strategy too

10:36PM EDT - Innovate with game partnerships

10:36PM EDT - Jim Anderson to the stage

10:37PM EDT - First day on the job at AMD was at the Computex press conference in 2015

10:37PM EDT - News about Ryzen

10:37PM EDT - 390 industry awards

10:38PM EDT - 40% market share at select retailers

10:38PM EDT - A lot of industry firsts

10:39PM EDT - Every market with a Ryzen processor has gained AMD market share

10:40PM EDT - Expanding the Ryzen family

10:40PM EDT - 2nd Gen Threadripper in 2H 2018

10:40PM EDT - AMD spent a lot of time and investment in notebook

10:40PM EDT - Key systems from key partners

10:41PM EDT - Momentum across the markets

10:42PM EDT - Versatile Zen+Vega SoC design

10:42PM EDT - Worlds fastest processor for ultrathin notebooks

10:42PM EDT - Almost 30% more CPU perf over Intel

10:43PM EDT - Kevin Lensing to the stage

10:44PM EDT - >logos from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Huawei, Lenovo

10:44PM EDT - HP Envy x360 13-inch with Ryzen+Vega

10:44PM EDT - Outperforms some devices with discrete cards

10:45PM EDT - Dell SVP joining on stage

10:45PM EDT - 3rd time on stage at Computex with AMD

10:45PM EDT - every time our key partners drive innovation we will be with them

10:46PM EDT - this is why we love the PC business

10:46PM EDT - We were excited when AMD said they can put desktop performance in a laptop

10:46PM EDT - Many Dell systems now have Ryzen CPUs

10:46PM EDT - and APUs

10:46PM EDT - First OEM to put 8-core in an inspiron all-in-one

10:47PM EDT - First 8-core in a gaming desktop pre-built

10:47PM EDT - Will refresh systems with Ryzen second gen

10:47PM EDT - Since the launch in the desktop, the core count has more than quadrupled in 12 months

10:47PM EDT - This is the innovation we like

10:48PM EDT - Marcel Campos from ASUS on stage with Kevin

10:48PM EDT - 15-inch in a 14-inch form factor

10:48PM EDT - All-metal

10:49PM EDT - Designed for users who want to be on the go

10:49PM EDT - ASUS video time

10:49PM EDT - 1080p

10:49PM EDT - 2700U, Vega 10

10:49PM EDT - 1TB HDD with 512GB SSD

10:50PM EDT - ASUS Vivobook

10:50PM EDT - Now ASUS X570ZD

10:50PM EDT - 2700U + GTX 1050 in one notebook

10:50PM EDT - 60% charge in 49 minutes

10:50PM EDT - Tony Chen from Lenovo on to the stage now with Kevin

10:51PM EDT - Lenovo 2018 portfolio with AMD Ryzen

10:51PM EDT - Growing categories

10:51PM EDT - Yoga 530 and Ideapad 330

10:52PM EDT - Ideapad 720 is still the thinnest Ryzen notebook

10:52PM EDT - Launching new Lenovo gaming machine at E3

10:52PM EDT - New Lenovo all-aluminium Ideapad 530 S


10:53PM EDT - Now Huawei (!) - Michael Young

10:53PM EDT - GM of Xunwei ?

10:53PM EDT - global expansion into computers with Huawei in 2016

10:53PM EDT - First started with Matebook lines

10:54PM EDT - This year we introduce Matebook X Pro

10:54PM EDT - Huawei notebook ranked #1 at JD.com for ultrathin

10:55PM EDT - Today we announce a new Huawei Matebook D 1-inch with Ryzen 5 2500U

10:55PM EDT - 14-inch FHD

10:55PM EDT - Type-C power, quald-speaker

10:55PM EDT - 57.4 Wh battery

10:55PM EDT - about 3 lbs

10:55PM EDT - >Matebook D is their low end laptop line

10:55PM EDT - >Matebook X is Intel

10:56PM EDT - Jim Anderson back to the stage

10:56PM EDT - Talk about desktop

10:56PM EDT - At every price point AMD 17-20% more perf than competition

10:56PM EDT - Recent product was second gen Ryzen

10:56PM EDT - 12nm process

10:57PM EDT - Zen+ with better boost algorithm and faster caches

10:59PM EDT - Showing some perf comparisons

11:00PM EDT - Now to Threadripper

11:00PM EDT - Introduced August 2017

11:00PM EDT - 16-core CPU

11:01PM EDT - Now showing Gen 2 Threadripper

11:01PM EDT - Video again

11:01PM EDT - Slightly different logo

11:02PM EDT - Using Zen+ 12nm

11:02PM EDT - Smarter boost algorithms

11:02PM EDT - 32 cores

11:03PM EDT - Coming Q3

11:03PM EDT - Use existing motherboards

11:05PM EDT - Intel on liquid cooler, AMD on air, and AMD wins

11:06PM EDT - No need for phase changes on the 32-core. Using current motherboard in the market for 32 core

11:07PM EDT - Attendees get official Threadripper Heavy Metal t-shirt

11:07PM EDT - https://www.anandtech.com/show/12906/amd-reveals-threadripper-2-up-to-32-cores-250w-x399-refresh

11:08PM EDT - David Wang to the stage, SVP Engineering of Radeon Engineering

11:08PM EDT - Takling about graphics architecture roadmap

11:08PM EDT - Roadmap up to 2020 looks similar to CES

11:09PM EDT - Leading Edge on 7nm

11:10PM EDT - Already in sampling stage

11:10PM EDT - Introducing first Radeon Instinct Vega 7nm

11:10PM EDT - Optimized for Server and Workstation

11:10PM EDT - Uses Infinity Fabric to connect GPUs together

11:11PM EDT - new deep learning ops

11:11PM EDT - Vega 7nm will be optimal for data center and workstation compute

11:11PM EDT - Open Source software ecosystem for amchine learning

11:11PM EDT - ROCm

11:11PM EDT - Leveraging open frameworks

11:12PM EDT - Directly optimized machine code without writing a single line of CUDA

11:12PM EDT - Completely open source and partners will own the code and libraries

11:12PM EDT - AMD believes that open source is a great differentiator

11:12PM EDT - The combination of the state of the art 7nm Vega + open ML ecosystem will enable partners and customers to innovate and win togethert#

11:13PM EDT - Open source rendering solution for AMD GPUs

11:13PM EDT - In the process of adding ML libraries into Ray Tracing

11:13PM EDT - easy and fast to add because it is open source and free

11:13PM EDT - also hardware agnostic - AMD hardware CPU and GPU

11:13PM EDT - Takes the full advantage of GPU compute to fully accelerate ray tracing

11:14PM EDT - Natively integrated for major ISV applications

11:14PM EDT - Cinema 4D

11:14PM EDT - World's first demo of 7nm Vega with 32GB HBM2 on Cinema 4D

11:14PM EDT - Ray tracer for photons

11:15PM EDT - studios will be happy with 7nm

11:16PM EDT - Exciting time for GPU and AMD

11:16PM EDT - compelling GPU architecture roadmap

11:16PM EDT - Count on AMD to deliver the worlds best graphics

11:16PM EDT - Win with our customers and partners together

11:16PM EDT - Lisa Su back to the stage

11:17PM EDT - AMD is about redefining high perf computing

11:17PM EDT - Threadripper in Q3 2018

11:18PM EDT - AMD made a bet on 7nm

11:18PM EDT - on track to launch 7nm Vega in 2H 2018

11:19PM EDT - Will definitely bring 7nm GPUs to gaming

11:19PM EDT - Update on EPYC 7nm

11:20PM EDT - 7nm Silicon in labs now

11:20PM EDT - sampling in 2h

11:20PM EDT - Launching in 2019 AMD Zen 2 EPYC

11:21PM EDT - same socket as first generation epyc

11:21PM EDT - And, that's a wrap. News posts to follow.

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  • CajunArson - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    Yeah, 10X the "gamers" are running Vega compared to the "previous generation" (whatever the hell that was).

    I'm assuming that in AMD-world cryptocoin mining is assumed to be a game of Dwarf Fortress and clearly the only GPU that can give you ASCII fortress love is Vega.
  • Dragonstongue - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    putz lol.

    They count every desktop gpu class product sold as a sale, just like a car maker would count every car sold as a sale, they do not count racing cars as normal cars nor does AMD count "pro" cards as a "normal" sale..notice the part where is says PC and Console, did it say workstation, server etc? LOL.

    Nv would count every single graphics "core" as one sold no matter what the product is used in (car, laptop, tegra, nintendo switch, pro workstation etc)

    as far as previous generation, that would be RX 400/RX 500 (same thing really besides clock speed bumps) they have basically switched to Vega top to bottom, I honestly hope they at least try to cater towards more mainstream clients that really have no need of or want to shell out many hundred $ for something they cannot effectively use (burn power for nothing) or get hamstrung by lack of potential performance and not have enough ooomph when need it.

    baseline example, performance and power usage difference between RX 550 to 560 not much more extra power for quite a bit of extra performance (~$70 jump in price greedy AIB and resellers) but is held back by a 128bit memory bus,

    RX 560 to RX 570 quite a bit more $ noticeable jump in average power consumption but at least RX 570 is not "hamstrung" by being on a measly 128bit bus

    RX 570 to RX 580 a fair jump in price and power consumption (average normal usage, much more so when clocked up or poor optimized games/apps) because they are absolutely not being sold near MSRP, nor is the RX 560 and often not even the cheap as dirt 550, RX 580 really is not much a jump in performance in comparison to what 560 to 570 is, and of course resellers are often pricing the 570 identical to the 580..like buying a V6 for the same price as a V8 >:( ..

    RX 570 OC to be +/- small % of an RX 580 to Vega 56 quite a jump in power as well as price and a so so jump in performance not enough to say "this is a full out 1440p graphics card"

    Vega 56 to Vega 64 IMO absolutely not worth it, unless wallet is bigger then brains seeing as the 56 one can take a moment to optimize the voltages and it will run all day long at full boost whereas the 64 most times will constantly throttle (to many transistors under the same cooler or something)


    I honestly wish AMD would take a look back at their history a touch, 4870 caught Nv by surprise big time, 5870 was a further oomph push was neck and neck with Nv (more power but performance to back it up) 68/69xx generation was a further optimization of and push further than 5xxx generation, 77/78/79xx were quite awesome for what they were (IMO)

    they decided they needed to do a "sweet spot strategy" and cut it down or beef it up to address the market (this is what allowed 4xxx to cut Nv parade ~9 months forced Nv to price down their cards to compete) it was working quite well for them, they seemed to have stopped really doing this, at least since the 7xxx generation, they seem to be pushing a "not quite good enough" or "chews too much power for little extra performance gain" in relation to the "budget" and "mainstream" approach, either not quite potent enough, or, using too large an engine for nothing.

    720p-1080p-1200p-1440p-4k, am sure if they did some homework they can see this is what folks "need" 720p class can turn a few things down to play at 1080p, 1080p can turn down for 1200p, 1200 for 1440, whereas 4k is pretty much a league of its own.

    They really need to sort out that generally the "budget: machines (under $170) are just fine with 128bit bus, the mainstream ($200-$300) pretty much have to have 256bit bus or it really holds performance back, for the performance no matter the price folks (high resolution i.e 1440/3k-4k etc) that is where they need to really focus things and make sure is proper voltage optimization so does not throttle and/or give a stupid wide memory bus ^.^

    back to the drawing board to make every watt count, shut off what is not being used, allow us the USER to really be able to focus on reducing voltage/clocks with a much finer toothed comb etc.

    anyways, I personally think that the $ to performance ratios for Nv as well as AMD are really out to lunch the last 2 years, below $200 performance is really not that good for the power being used, above ~$225-$350+ range there is a boat load of extra power consumption and a pretty large "core difference" as far as the amount of shader, TMU, ROP, memory bus etc.

    I quite liked Radeon 4k-5k-6k-7k generations because there was a pretty decent stepping stone no matter the size of the wallet you had, for esports, high end gaming, elite gaming, all out enthusiast, whereas now we basically have 2 "budget" points, mainstream, then to all out either "wow that is pricey" or "I am loaded with nothing to do with it"
  • wumpus - Sunday, June 10, 2018 - link

    The "sweet spot" strategy made all kinds of sense back when Moore's law meant that you could regularly replace your video card and by staying "n month/years" behind "state of the art" (and replacing at a similar interval) you could keep having great cards at a small fraction of "state of the art". Now we have to deal with post-Moore's law where a <7nm process is a *long* way off.

    Another big change was that the "sweetspot" could concentrate on powering 1080 monitors. Vega couldn't quite handle 4x, and newer GPUs should be expected to run 4x@60Hz (especially if/when Samsung ships 4x TVs with freesync).

    Granted, this is all from a desktop viewpoint and the desktop is all but dead (from a sales perspective). The "sweetspot" probably still sells well for notebooks, but AMD is still getting creamed in power efficiency by nvidia.

    Finally, if AMD even thinks about selling the "sweetspot" to desktop users (that refuse to replace their trusty monitors), they can expect a flood of competition from cryptominers abandoning their miners. I'd avoid the "desktop sweetspot" like the plague if I was designing a GPU. And to be honest, the most exciting GPUs (from a "if I was AMD I'd love to sell that" aspect) are the Raven Ridge ALUs. Any work on graphics is likely to be required to work well in an ALU.
  • sonichedgehog360@yahoo.com - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    Acer: Uh, uh, uh...
  • CajunArson - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    Regarding that bloated "predator" notebook running a desktop chip and GPU, I saw the same thing last year and it never shipped. I minor tweak from a 1-series Ryzen to a 2-series Ryzen ain't doing it.
  • Targon - Thursday, June 7, 2018 - link

    Actually, the Asus ROG laptop with Ryzen 7 1700 shipped and has been available from many places.
  • .vodka - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    That ASUS guy casually mentioning nV graphics in their Ryzen notebook... LOL
  • CajunArson - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    AMD said that RyZens IGP was more powerful than some discrete graphics.

    Just not *those* discrete graphics apparently.
  • tamalero - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    lol at that burn where AMD mocks their HEDT processor demo that used a chiller and custom stuff.
  • Hxx - Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - link

    wow AMD is on fire. T releases in Q3, vega refresh releases in Q4 (I mean 2H) and wow its gonna be a great time again to be a pc gamer starting Q3. I am almost certain intel and NVidia will respond... can't wait

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