01:49AM EDT - Usually one of the bigger press events of Computex is Intel's Keynote. This year it will be hosted by Intel's Gregory Bryant, and we will be all-ears to hear what Intel is going to say about upcoming products.

01:50AM EDT - Ian and Anton here to bring you the news

01:51AM EDT - As with previous years, this presentation starts 10 minutes early with Taitra

01:51AM EDT - TAITRA organize the Computex show, so they get to decide some of the schedule

01:51AM EDT - As always, the Intel keynote tends to be well attended

01:52AM EDT - Internet connectivity can be a bit hit and miss

01:52AM EDT - So the first 10 minutes here is about TAITRA and the show. As well as the obligatory 'Intel is great' for being a top sponsor

01:54AM EDT - We've been writing up some quick news posts for later today from our meetings that started at 8am this morning

01:54AM EDT - 1600 exhibitors at Computex this year

01:56AM EDT - OK intro video

01:57AM EDT - Gregory Bryant to the stage

01:57AM EDT - SVP and GM of Client Computing Group

01:58AM EDT - Talking about gaming in the Olympics

01:58AM EDT - Now talking about Linkin Park, with an image of Chester

01:59AM EDT - 'My father made me want to be an engineer'

01:59AM EDT - Contribution towards global progress

01:59AM EDT - Intel's 50 year anniversary

02:00AM EDT - Take a retrospective look

02:00AM EDT - Moving the platform forward for the next 50 years

02:00AM EDT - Using the power of the collective platform

02:00AM EDT - Helping people be at their very best

02:00AM EDT - Three fundamental shifts in how the technology affects daily life

02:01AM EDT - 1) The Age of distraction

02:01AM EDT - Content is King

02:01AM EDT - We are so busy sharing content we are becoming blind on the ability to focus

02:01AM EDT - 'On average people are interrupted every 3 minutes'

02:01AM EDT - 'It can take 23 minutes to get back in the moment'

02:02AM EDT - 2) The Way We Work Is Changing

02:02AM EDT - The way we work and create is changing - in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution

02:02AM EDT - technology is being democratized

02:02AM EDT - How, where, why, and what people work on

02:03AM EDT - People want to work for companies whose ideals align with their own

02:03AM EDT - People want to contribute and make real progress

02:03AM EDT - 3) The Way we Connect is Evolving

02:03AM EDT - Technology has enabled to connect more frequency and better than ever

02:03AM EDT - Connect with like minded individuals

02:04AM EDT - Not only 1-on-1 but also communiries

02:04AM EDT - eg 400m eSports fans

02:04AM EDT - PC is where 8 out of 10 people go to play the most immersive games with family and friends

02:04AM EDT - Hashtags creates communities around topics

02:04AM EDT - The industry has an unprecedented opportunity ahead

02:05AM EDT - Intel can do three things: focus, create, and connect

02:05AM EDT - First up, FOCUS

02:05AM EDT - Intel can make the platform better

02:06AM EDT - Five areas: Perf, Battery, Connectivity, Form Factor, AI

02:06AM EDT - >So three top level things, and the first one has five second level segments, and the...

02:06AM EDT - Needs are more diverse than ever

02:06AM EDT - Starting with Performance

02:07AM EDT - 40 years ago, Intel introduced the 8086

02:07AM EDT - First x86 processor

02:07AM EDT - Core i7-8086K

02:07AM EDT - Limited Edition

02:08AM EDT - Intel's first 5 GHz turbo processor

02:08AM EDT - a 4.0 GHz clock speed out of the box

02:08AM EDT - Overclockable

02:08AM EDT - >So is that 4.0 base or 4.0 all-core ?

02:08AM EDT - 8086K had 29k transistors at 5 MHz

02:09AM EDT - UHD 630

02:09AM EDT - Turbo Boost 2.0, not 3.0

02:09AM EDT - Requires Intel 300-series motherboard

02:10AM EDT - >8086K isn't on ARK just yet

02:10AM EDT - Showing PUBG on 8086K

02:11AM EDT - On sale on June 8, the anniversary date

02:11AM EDT - Intel giving away 8086 of the processors

02:11AM EDT - >Technically our embargo on the details goes out at half past

02:11AM EDT - Now introducing Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake

02:11AM EDT - 8th Gen

02:12AM EDT - Double digit perf gains over Kaby Lake

02:12AM EDT - Acer, ASUS, HP, Lenovo

02:12AM EDT - 140 designs with whiskey/Amber coming in the fall

02:12AM EDT - Now battery

02:12AM EDT - 5 years ago we had 8 hours of battery, now we can get 20 hours

02:13AM EDT - measured in video playback

02:13AM EDT - Dell XPS 13 with 20+ hours of battery

02:13AM EDT - Biggest battery drain is the display

02:13AM EDT - Now have a 1W panel

02:14AM EDT - 25 hours with the new panel

02:14AM EDT - Panels from Innolux and Sharp

02:14AM EDT - Full HD panel

02:14AM EDT - add another 4-8 hours of battery life

02:14AM EDT - Without sacrificing perf

02:14AM EDT - Now connectivity

02:15AM EDT - This year had Gigabit Wi-Fi

02:15AM EDT - a 12x connectivity compared to before

02:15AM EDT - Talking 4G connected PCs

02:15AM EDT - 25 designs in the market today, and 10 more designs coming

02:16AM EDT - various form factors and battery life

02:16AM EDT - >This is to compare to Qualcomm

02:16AM EDT - Intel wants to be the leader in 5G PCs

02:16AM EDT - >So, 5GHz ? :D

02:16AM EDT - Video of Intel 5G at the Olympics

02:17AM EDT - 22 5G links = 3800 Terabits of bandwidth at the Olympics

02:18AM EDT - It will take time for the infrastucture to catch up

02:18AM EDT - 5G in the room

02:18AM EDT - Streaming 4K film over 5G

02:18AM EDT - Systems with antennas built into the kickstands

02:19AM EDT - Partners with Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo for world first 5G connected PCs in 2019

02:19AM EDT - Go beyond direct OEs, working with carriers

02:19AM EDT - VP of Sprint to the stage

02:20AM EDT - '5G is like going from black and white to color'

02:20AM EDT - People expect to be connected anywhere and anytime

02:20AM EDT - Lots of progress lately on devices

02:21AM EDT - Generational jumps encourage new use cases emergy

02:21AM EDT - Generational jumps encourage new use cases emerge

02:21AM EDT - A big step forward in disruptive technology

02:21AM EDT - Faster data, new services

02:22AM EDT - Intel was a natural fit

02:23AM EDT - Working with Sprint and others around the world.

02:23AM EDT - Next up is Form Factor

02:23AM EDT - New designs that are more adaptable

02:23AM EDT - SVP and GM of Lenovo to the stage

02:24AM EDT - 2018 saw revitalization of the PC industry

02:25AM EDT - Make the PC more like a Phone

02:25AM EDT - We want more mobility

02:25AM EDT - More connectivity

02:26AM EDT - People use PCs for longer at a time rather than smartphones

02:26AM EDT - Focus used to mean working at a desk in a repeatable fashion

02:26AM EDT - Today focus now happens in chaos

02:27AM EDT - The new generation can focus in places the previous generation never thought possible

02:27AM EDT - Focus doesn't always mean business

02:27AM EDT - People focus when binging Netflix

02:27AM EDT - People focus in more places, in more ways, and more often

02:28AM EDT - Yogabook - dual touch panels, dual display panels, now for gen 3

02:28AM EDT - Later this year, Yogabook will get dual full displays

02:28AM EDT - Yogabook Gen 1 - used as a laptop 73% of the time

02:29AM EDT - Yogabook 2 on the stage

02:29AM EDT - True dual display

02:30AM EDT - Launched for Holiday 2018 later this year

02:30AM EDT - Much better inking experience

02:30AM EDT - both displays have touch

02:30AM EDT - higher performance CPU

02:30AM EDT - AI-enabled keyboard

02:30AM EDT - >Here is our 8086K news: https://www.anandtech.com/show/12875/intel-announces-the-core-i78086k-coffee-lake-at-5-ghz

02:31AM EDT - AI will become more pervasive in the PC industry

02:31AM EDT - (Back to just Intel on stage)

02:31AM EDT - AI for PC developer program

02:32AM EDT - Tools will allow to train for new uses

02:32AM EDT - OpenVINO and Windows ML

02:32AM EDT - AI Dev Kit coming

02:33AM EDT - Between now and end of year for all of this

02:33AM EDT - Develop full soliutions to market for our customers

02:33AM EDT - CEO of ASUS, Jerry Shen, to the stage

02:34AM EDT - Showing the Project Precog

02:34AM EDT - What we saw at the ASUS event a couple of hours ago

02:34AM EDT - Convertible 2-in-1 dual screen device with AI

02:35AM EDT - Includes Movidius

02:35AM EDT - Intelligent touch

02:37AM EDT - Designed to enable smooth and intuitive user experience

02:37AM EDT - virtual assistants like Cortana and Alexa

02:37AM EDT - Intelligent Cameras

02:37AM EDT - Object recognition

02:38AM EDT - ASUS Zenbook to the stage as well

02:38AM EDT - Zenbook Pro

02:38AM EDT - First notebook to feature Intel movidius VPU

02:39AM EDT - Enable developers to fuse existing applications with AI

02:39AM EDT - Now discussing the Platform

02:40AM EDT - Now showing off what the PC can do

02:40AM EDT - the PC in general, not the ASUS Precog

02:40AM EDT - Film director on stage

02:41AM EDT - Work in pre-visualization

02:42AM EDT - Scenes are recreate / storyboarded in animation

02:42AM EDT - plan the shot and sequence cheaply

02:43AM EDT - Using Maya

02:46AM EDT - Faster machines has been a game changer

02:47AM EDT - Work done on a new OEM systems

02:47AM EDT - New platform for content creators

02:47AM EDT - Tuning solutions to get the most performance

02:48AM EDT - Corsair One with 18 Cores

02:48AM EDT - Workstation Laptop with a Xeon

02:49AM EDT - Thunderbolt connectivity and Optane

02:50AM EDT - Intel Optane SSD 905P in an M.2 form factor

02:50AM EDT - > GB gets tongue tied calling it 'Optane Memory'. Because it doesn't make sense calling it memory

02:51AM EDT - 1.5 TB of Optane in 4 drives

02:51AM EDT - So 380 GB each ?

02:52AM EDT - Running a rendering demo using Optane over SSD

02:53AM EDT - Now showing a new 28-core processor

02:53AM EDT - a development thing

02:53AM EDT - Incredible high performance


02:54AM EDT - Didn't mention which socket, LGA2066 or LGA3647 ?

02:54AM EDT - All processors running at 5.0 GHz

02:54AM EDT - 7334 on Cinebench

02:54AM EDT - >We think this an EMIB system

02:55AM EDT - It's coming in Q4

02:56AM EDT - Interestingly I posted this a few days ago: https://www.anandtech.com/show/12814/a-thought-on-silicon-design-intels-lcc-on-hedt-is-dead

02:56AM EDT - 28 cores at 5 GHz in a single socket? It has to be an EMIB design

02:57AM EDT - Also competing against AMD's next gen Threadrippers

03:01AM EDT - That looks like a wrap. Time to get more info

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  • realistz - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    AMD Threadripper 2 event just got rekt.
  • Chaitanya - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    Go troll on wccftech or somewhere else.
  • CajunArson - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    It's nice to see Intel showing off what its fabs are actually capable of.

    As for the rather ignorant comments that a 28 core part "has to be EMIB"... maybe if the people that wrote this "blog" had bothered to pay attention to the Skylake launch last year they'd know that 28 core parts on a single piece of silicon aren't anything new for Intel.

    Some companies learned how to put more than 8 cores on a chip a long long time before the fanboys acted like AMD invented the number "8" in 2017.
  • III-V - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    It's not a matter of "can they make a 28 core chip," dumbass. It's a matter of cost. If they can make a 28 core chip with EMIB stitching together dies, performs well, and costs less than a monolithic die (which it almost certainly would), why would they opt for a single die over a MCM?

    Both Ian and Anton have been in the business for a long time. They're well aware that Intel can make big dies. It's pretty hilarious that you are calling them ignorant.
  • CajunArson - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    Once again we see the usual assumption that because GloFo can't get its act together to produce a chip with more than 8 cores that Intel must be operating under the same constraints because of course Intel is full of a bunch of idiots.

    Or not.

    Intel is fully capable of producing a single die 28-core part cost effectively since these are clearly aimed at the halo-end of the HEDT segment. Stop pretending that GloFo's limitations are a roadblock to Intel.
  • tamalero - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    I'm unsure why are you blaming glofo for this. The usage of "glue" by AMD has been a success for them. Why would you risk yourself with low yields when you can use a clever design?
  • FullmetalTitan - Thursday, June 7, 2018 - link

    Per all my colleagues who left intel in the last 5 years:
    It IS full of idiots.

    AMD strategy of designing a simple core design and modulating perf/cores for different market segmentation to improve ROI was a massive boon in FY2017 in case you missed it.

    Intel is NOT capable of producing a single 28-core monolithic design cost effectively or the Xeon parts with >24 cores wouldn't be in such limited supply and cost $10k+ list.
    I guarantee the yields for the HCC and XCC parts is significantly lower than LCC/consumer parts because that is just an inherent issue with large die designs. No matter how tight your designs, defective limited yield issues are die-size dependent.
  • ilt24 - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    "why would they opt for a single die over a MCM?"

    Because it performs better.
  • witeken - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    Do you follow me on Twitter, bro:)?
  • CaedenV - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    We all know that Intel can do great things. The question right now is availability. How many of these will be pushed back to 2019, and will we see more than 2 of each of these new products available for the whole world to fight over.

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