12:51AM EDT - We're here at NVIDIA for our first Live Blog of Computex. Event starts in a few minutes.

12:52AM EDT - Surprisingly everything on stage is not under wraps.

12:52AM EDT - One wonders what NVIDIA will be announcing

12:52AM EDT - Jensen approached the press crowd outside the event with sandwiches and cookies for lunch. Easy PR move

12:54AM EDT - Disclosure: I haven't had lunch. The sandwich was green. I haven't had time to eat it yet.

12:55AM EDT - Up on the stage is an HGX-2 (OEM version of DGX-2), a V100, Xavier

12:56AM EDT - Isn't Xavier meant to have two next-gen GPUs? It looks like it has the older GPUs on for now

12:56AM EDT - Sorry, Pegasus

12:58AM EDT - Looks like the V100 being used

12:58AM EDT - OK here we start

12:59AM EDT - Jensen is handing out more cookies

12:59AM EDT - Last week we had GTC Taiwan

12:59AM EDT - GTC became world's largest developer conference

01:00AM EDT - More GTC spin-out events

01:00AM EDT - Japan, China, Europe, Israel, Washington DC etc

01:00AM EDT - We know the future of computing is going to look different

01:00AM EDT - First update is on GeForce

01:00AM EDT - Technology demand for the processors is growing exponentially

01:01AM EDT - Second topic is AI, Third is AI implications, Fourth is a new market NVIDIA is pursing

01:01AM EDT - Last year went for thin form factor GPUs with MaxQ

01:01AM EDT - Gaming notebooks at 18 mm, 5 lbs, GTX 1080

01:04AM EDT - The market wants thin and light notebooks

01:04AM EDT - Last year we had 8 MaxQ. Now we have 26

01:05AM EDT - PC Gaming is doing great and is vibrant

01:05AM EDT - Always new things you can do with it

01:05AM EDT - New content continues to get richer

01:05AM EDT - always reinventing itself

01:06AM EDT - In 8 months, PC gaming market increased due to Battle Royale gaming type

01:06AM EDT - +10M weekly gamers in 8 months

01:06AM EDT - Production value of games also increasing

01:06AM EDT - >Gaming is bigger than film

01:07AM EDT - Game consoles create a positive feedback system

01:07AM EDT - Developers have a larger install base for GPUs and gaming

01:07AM EDT - GTX class GPUs went from 17% of NV to 50% in 5 years

01:08AM EDT - This fall will see three games: COD Black Ops 4 (with Battle Royale mode), Battlefield 5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider

01:08AM EDT - 'This year will be pretty amazing for GeForce'

01:09AM EDT - New era of computing coming

01:09AM EDT - Two powerful forces coming to change computing architecture

01:10AM EDT - How computers are made has to change - how software will be used has to be incredible

01:10AM EDT - >Bifurcation of single thread vs multi

01:10AM EDT - More demand for computing horsepower than before

01:10AM EDT - DL and AI driving more compute than ever

01:11AM EDT - In time, software will write software

01:11AM EDT - "What kind of computer do you have to build to enable software to write software?"

01:12AM EDT - We are expecting application demand to increase over 1000 in 10 years

01:12AM EDT - We have to advance computing performance by at least the same scale - we do it with GPU computing

01:12AM EDT - Today, talking about 3 phases talking about this new computing model

01:12AM EDT - Phase 1 is for the industry to create the fundamental computing platform, hardware and software, and the tools

01:13AM EDT - Create the ecosystem to take systems over the workd

01:13AM EDT - Now showing DGX-2

01:13AM EDT - Announced before. 16x V100 GPUs

01:13AM EDT - V100 fuses computational with high precision numerics and deep learning

01:14AM EDT - Need to compute at a large dynamic range

01:14AM EDT - Volta Tensor Cores

01:14AM EDT - Volta is 21 B transistors at 12FF

01:14AM EDT - 32GB of HBM

01:14AM EDT - 125 TFLOPS of Tensor Core Perf in one chip

01:14AM EDT - 2 PFLOPS in one box

01:15AM EDT - Parallel computing in two ways on DGX-2

01:15AM EDT - Single model per GPU, or One model across system

01:15AM EDT - Scale out vs Scale up

01:15AM EDT - Scale up is more difficult

01:15AM EDT - Teaming 16 GPUs to do a single model

01:15AM EDT - Requires high levels of communication

01:16AM EDT - Requires software that can do this

01:16AM EDT - All 16 GPUs can communicate at the same time

01:16AM EDT - Same model to compute one vs 16 with DGX-2

01:17AM EDT - 300 servers replaced with one node

01:17AM EDT - Lots of speed records

01:17AM EDT - Fastest single chip

01:17AM EDT - Fastest single chip

01:18AM EDT - Fastest single node

01:18AM EDT - Fastest at scale

01:18AM EDT - Fastest Inference

01:18AM EDT - Highest Inference Throughput

01:18AM EDT - Also DGX-2 becomes HGX-2

01:18AM EDT - Made available for hyperscale datacenters

01:19AM EDT - Six switches at the bottom for the 8 GPUs

01:19AM EDT - at the bottom

01:20AM EDT - >I can't see USB ports

01:20AM EDT - Form factor is as important as the ATX form factor was for desktop computing

01:20AM EDT - "Hyperscale computing element"

01:22AM EDT - Different architectures for different computing models

01:22AM EDT - Architectures of all sizes and shapes

01:23AM EDT - HGX-T1, HGX-T2, HGX-I1, HGX-I2, SCX-E1, SCX-E2, SCX-E3, SCX-E4

01:23AM EDT - All worlds leading server makers support NVIDIA

01:23AM EDT - AI revolutionizing large markets

01:23AM EDT - Hardware, software, deployment, ecosystem

01:24AM EDT - Focused on six large industries for large GPU servers

01:24AM EDT - Supercomputing (CUDA), AI, Drive, NVIDIA Clara, NVIDIA Metropolis, NVIDIA RTX

01:25AM EDT - Clara is a computing system with a software stack for medical imaging, construction, and detection

01:25AM EDT - Taking RAW data for AI implementation in medical

01:26AM EDT - Metropolis is a software plaform that allows billions of images from live video to detect areas of concern

01:26AM EDT - >I assume that's the same as tracking people/vehicles across a city. How the city uses that is up to them

01:27AM EDT - RTX - rasterization with real-time ray tracing with AI prediction

01:27AM EDT - RTX is basically the future of gaming as well

01:27AM EDT - bringing in ray tracing 5-10 years earlier than expected

01:30AM EDT - Now doing a real-time demo

01:31AM EDT - >Everyone's phone is going off because Taiwan is doing an air raid drill

01:32AM EDT - Deep learning with ray tracing is the way forward

01:32AM EDT - This demo requires four volta GPUs

01:34AM EDT - Third phase is about AI to be able to come out of the computer into the world

01:34AM EDT - In order to do this, need three things: rich sensors, high perf/low power AI brain, smart actuators

01:35AM EDT - NVIDIA focuses on the brain

01:35AM EDT - enabling intelligent machiens

01:35AM EDT - We used to had to go out to get food. Now food comes to us

01:36AM EDT - Delivery, Industrial Drones, Agriculture, Pick-and-place, Logistics, Manufacturing

01:36AM EDT - Xavier, 9B transistors

01:37AM EDT - 8-core ARM CPU, 512 CUDA Cores

01:37AM EDT - Designed for ASIL-D

01:38AM EDT - New deep learning accelerator: DLA

01:38AM EDT - DLA is NVIDIA's version of the TPU

01:39AM EDT - Working on self-driving car

01:40AM EDT - Different versions of hardware for different levels of compute

01:40AM EDT - Drive Pegasus with dual Xavier and dual Volta

01:40AM EDT - (so not post-Volta?)

01:40AM EDT - Pegasus for driverless taxis

01:42AM EDT - Standard self-driving video time

01:44AM EDT - Announcing the Jetson Xavier Devkit $1299

01:45AM EDT - Computing platform

01:45AM EDT - 12nm FF

01:46AM EDT - Single largest processor project in NV history

01:46AM EDT - Production silicon is here

01:46AM EDT - Comes in small module

01:47AM EDT - Small dev kit

01:47AM EDT - 8 high-end ARM cores, stereo vision, 30W

01:48AM EDT - Jetson Xavier, early access in August

01:49AM EDT - On top of Jetson Xavier, have DL applications

01:50AM EDT - ISAAC IMX (Intelligent Machine Acceleration Applications)

01:50AM EDT - POSE estimation - infer the pose

01:50AM EDT - Gesture recognition

01:50AM EDT - Facial recognition and tracking

01:50AM EDT - Speech

01:51AM EDT - Speech recognition on device. Latency is key

01:51AM EDT - Eye tracking

01:51AM EDT - Hand Pose and finger skeletal tracking

01:52AM EDT - Environment depth

01:52AM EDT - DL to learn depth

01:52AM EDT - Visual Odometry

01:53AM EDT - Teaching robots in virtual reality in the server - test the hardware in the simulation

01:54AM EDT - Put the hardware and software in to the robot and it should just work

01:55AM EDT - ISAAC is the third phase of the AI revolution

01:56AM EDT - Apply intelligent machines to drive every industry

01:56AM EDT - Showing contruction and agriculture uses on video

01:56AM EDT - The two typical go-to demos

01:58AM EDT - Flying cameras/drones with AI

01:58AM EDT - NVIDIA's ' i am ai ' campaign

01:59AM EDT - Taiwan research into AI collaboration

01:59AM EDT - Focusing on manufacturing, healthcare, smart city and transportation

01:59AM EDT - 10-year collab

01:59AM EDT - work with the government and research institutions

01:59AM EDT - Building a supercomputing infrastructure

02:00AM EDT - Build a v.fast supercomputer

02:00AM EDT - self-driving car platforms

02:04AM EDT - Software written on HGX-2 can scale down to the Jetson Xavier

02:05AM EDT - First Gen Pegasus is Volta, Second Gen with Post-Volta coming

02:07AM EDT - Q: When is Volta coming to gaming? A: So many gamers were deprived of GeForces due to mining, but now pricing is coming down. 1080/Ti are the best cards right now, we suggest they buy GeForce ASAP

02:13AM EDT - Q: How long to AI accelerating ray tracing for games? Next gen or beyond? A: It's going to take time. Tackling film and enterprise/commercial first, then some day to mass market.

02:15AM EDT - Q: When can we run 4K 120 Hz on a single card. A: I don't know ... (!) I could predict, but I'm not going to

02:15AM EDT - Q: Mining only cards? A: We do these already to diffuse the demand for GeForce, Mining is a bonus to our business, but it is not our business

02:17AM EDT - Q: When is the next GeForce? A: I'll invite you. There will be lunch. But it's a long time.

02:20AM EDT - Q: Anything to say about NVIDIA's talk at Hot Chips about Next Gen changing to TBD? A: Live in the present! We will invite you to our launch events

02:22AM EDT - Q: Competitors combine CPU + GPU. What can NV do? A: Xavier is already CPU + GPU + other DSPs. Integration works great in certain markets. We also have DGX-2 when focus on GPUs, we have Xavier for unified platforms

02:29AM EDT - I think that's a wrap.

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  • HollyDOL - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    Lol, your look on that sandwich bag is hillarious :-)
  • Grinnie Jax - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    Wait a minute.. So where are the new gaming cards? Did I understand it correctly - they suggest to buy a 2-year old Pascals "ASAP"?
  • Alistair - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    Best thing to do is for everyone to refuse to buy, and watch the price plummet. I'm doing my part ;)

    GTX 1050 is basically the same as the 3 year old 950 now, and sells for more money. 3 years without progress, no buy.
  • Grinnie Jax - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    I've waiting for a long time already to assemble a new PC. Was really hoping to see new graphic cards this summeror fall. But no, they want to continue milking miners like nothing happened
  • xype - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    I’m in the same boat, but I’m not gonna worry about the next gen once I decide to pull the trigger (July or August). A 1070 or 1080 should be good for 2 years, still, and then I can sell that and upgrade to the next gen (which will hopefully come down in price by then).

    Sure, would be nice to get some extra bells and whistles, but coffee lake/ryzen and 1070/1080 will be a huge upgrade for me already (>50% CPU boost, >300% on the GPU). A month or two back I kept looking for GPU news almost daily, and it was just stressing me out. :D
  • Alistair - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    Why get a 1070 that will lose half its value? Buy a used 1060 for under $200 instead to tide you over.
  • Yojimbo - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    Only if you don't already have one...
  • xype - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    "Stop buying our current products because an upgraded version will be out soon." said no company, ever.

    I’ll wait for amazon prime day to see if there are any cheap 1080s on offer. Should be plenty for the next 1–3 years.
  • Spunjji - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    Fair point there!
  • jordanclock - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    I know of at least one company that said that and they're no longer in business.


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