02:51AM EDT - We're here at LG to see the launch for the new LG V30 smartphone. Starts at 9am Berlin time / 3am Eastern!

02:51AM EDT - I'm still in line to get into the venue, big security this year

02:52AM EDT - I should say we were ready pre briefed. Hands on articles going up in 10

02:54AM EDT - And here's a device

02:55AM EDT - Seems like the press release already went out

02:58AM EDT - So I'm seated, not near the front

02:58AM EDT - Event WiFi is dead, I'm on mobile data

02:59AM EDT - a couple of minutes from starting

03:00AM EDT - Starting with a video

03:01AM EDT - A link to our hands on: http://www.anandtech.com/show/11789/hands-on-with-the-lg-v30

03:01AM EDT - Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics mobile to the stage

03:02AM EDT - Since the emergence of hte smartphone, it has changed many lives: communicate with one another and preserve memories, capture photos and videos is so much easier with smartphones

03:02AM EDT - Transitioning from story telling to story showing

03:02AM EDT - This is the concept behind the V Series

03:03AM EDT - 'The V30 is the most perfect smartphone we have ever created'

03:03AM EDT - People will actually want to use the V30, and tell their friends. 'Better to show than to tell'

03:04AM EDT - Dubstep video time

03:04AM EDT - unce unce unce

03:05AM EDT - Experience a 'college cathedral' experience

03:05AM EDT - Cine Video mode to give cinema level quality

03:05AM EDT - Dual cameras with a wide angle lense

03:06AM EDT - Dual cameras with a wide angle lens

03:07AM EDT - First smartphone for f/16 crystal lens: 'Crystal Clear Lens'

03:08AM EDT - Last lens in the stack is made of glass, not plastic

03:08AM EDT - Vivid OLED display

03:09AM EDT - 'The most beautiful smartphone on the market'

03:09AM EDT - 'People express themselves though video'

03:09AM EDT - Amateur video quality has soared

03:09AM EDT - 'Cinematic videography'

03:10AM EDT - Director of Photography from Game of Thrones to the stage

03:11AM EDT - 'Do you enjoy taking photos when not on the job' 'Yes, and I use my smartphone. LG gave me an early look at the V30'

03:11AM EDT - Video time, showing off some video taken by the GoT guy

03:13AM EDT - Cine video mode takes care of color automatically

03:14AM EDT - 15 different cine effects

03:14AM EDT - Easy to select what mood you want to impart, and control the intensity

03:14AM EDT - Smoother light gradation and brighter colors

03:15AM EDT - Type of color palette you see in a movie in a smartphone

03:16AM EDT - Point zoom: it's complicated to zoom, but LG can zoom to a point in a slow and smooth way for a cinematic effect

03:16AM EDT - Point zoom pulls you in to further the story. 'Easy for everyone to use'

03:17AM EDT - Support for Log profile, allows for easier color grading. Unique in a smartphone

03:18AM EDT - Now for audio: using the receiver as a mic

03:19AM EDT - Up to 142 dB support using the 'more durable' receiver as a microphone

03:20AM EDT - Now for camera. f/1.6 lens with single glass element

03:22AM EDT - Now for display. 6-inch QHD+ OLED with support for HDR10

03:22AM EDT - (sorry, even data is having trouble catching up)

03:23AM EDT - 18:9, narrow bezels with a massive screen to body ratio

03:23AM EDT - Daydream VR support

03:29AM EDT - Daydream launching in Korea and Japan first

03:29AM EDT - ARCore is coming to the V30 in the near future

03:29AM EDT - Snapdragon 835, Don Macguire from Qualcomm to the stage

03:29AM EDT - 'Advanced video and camera, immersive gaming and graphics, connectivity: all enhanced by Qualcomm'

03:29AM EDT - Alternate the exposure of pixels in an image to give a wider color range

03:29AM EDT - Images and video captured in low power modes with full feature set

03:30AM EDT - Adreno GPU supports high profile gaming with 'nearly zero lag or latency'

03:30AM EDT - X16 Qualcomm modem, up to 1 gigabit LTE speeds

03:32AM EDT - 32-bit Quad DAC

03:32AM EDT - MQA format audio

03:33AM EDT - Two upgrades: Sound Preset (EQ tunings, there's four new modes, but not user adjustable)

03:33AM EDT - Digital Filter to adjust reverb

03:33AM EDT - Audio by B&O Play, bundled earphones

03:34AM EDT - Exclusive in-app items worth $100 for mobile music game Beat Fever

03:34AM EDT - 'bezel bending technology with FullVision display'

03:34AM EDT - 7.3mm thick

03:35AM EDT - Size of the dual camera is reduced from V20

03:36AM EDT - Lenticular rear pattern to reduce fingerprints

03:36AM EDT - Four colors

03:36AM EDT - Gorilla Glass 5

03:36AM EDT - Uses an Aluminium H-frame to add tensile strength

03:37AM EDT - Heatpipe and thermal pad, IP68 resistance, MIL-STD-810G

03:37AM EDT - 3300 mAh with Quick Charge 3.0 and wireless charging

03:38AM EDT - Upgraded power saving features, more gradation (brightness, screen resolution)

03:38AM EDT - Graphy photo setting modifications from reference features

03:38AM EDT - Advises the users on how to change manual settings

03:39AM EDT - No second screen, so added a floating bar

03:39AM EDT - Added function by pop out

03:39AM EDT - Always on display upgraded as well

03:39AM EDT - Quick toolbox on always-on display

03:40AM EDT - Voice recognition to unlock the phone with any 3-5 syllable hotword

03:40AM EDT - Using voice for AI, supporting Google Assistant

03:42AM EDT - Announcing support for Korean on day one, Italian and Spanish support coming soon

03:42AM EDT - Voice commands dedicated to LG mode - take a wide angle video, take a romantic video

03:43AM EDT - Recognizes 'OK Google' when the screen is off or playing music

03:43AM EDT - Support devices from 70 smart home devices that can be controlled via Google Assistant. LG is designing devices compatible

03:44AM EDT - Now some Q&A from our press prebriefing

03:46AM EDT - Q: Why is it difficult to add glass to lens? A: Depth is the main issue but we made it work

03:46AM EDT - Q: V30 feels lighter than G6, how? A: We use a thinner OLED display

03:46AM EDT - Q: How does a glass smartphone qualify for MIL spec? A: The Aluminium H-beam enhances the tensile strength

03:46AM EDT - Q: Can we expect OLED screens in future LG flagships? A: LG is a leader in OLED makes it easier to make the transtition, but it will be done case by case

03:47AM EDT - That looks like a wrap. Our hands on can be found at http://www.anandtech.com/show/11789/hands-on-with-the-lg-v30



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  • TransformationCAFromSpace - Thursday, August 31, 2017 - link

    This phone rocks! The hydro shoulder perch mount and VR shade ☆ battery mumblecores! T ¥ ♡ M sleepless Ian! Also quad DAC x 1 stereo headphone out why? Qualcomm gets up again (even if not enough cores for Asia markets.) So many mics under glass... Reply

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