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ThermalTake Xaser III V2000A

The Good


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+ 1.0mm Aluminum Chassis
+ Multibay Front panel
+ Top mounted USB2
+ Truly Tool Less
+ Side Panel Fans
+ Unique HD mounting

The Bad

- Expensive
- Rheobus Problems
- Don’t Lose the Keys

Back in October, we saw ThermalTake’s Chenming case variant.  There were some things we liked about that unit, but with any product, there was room for improvement.  At COMDEX, in November, we were pleased to see ThermalTake was not sitting around but putting their research and development to good use.

Several months have passed since then, and it looks like ThermalTake is finally ready to show off their Xaser III.  From COMDEX, we knew that the front panel was slightly redesigned, but we were in for quite a surprise when we got our sample unit.  Even though the case carries a similar resemblance and design to the original Chenming variant, the entire case was redesigned from the inside out, and in a completely tool less fashion.

ThermalTake switched manufacturers of the case and loaded up on everything from fans to rhombuses to light strips.  Although not cheap, ThermalTake put more enhancements in this case than any other we have seen to date.  Get ready as we take a close extensive look at the Xaser III!

Special thanks to for providing us with a Xaser III sample.

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  • Aikouka - Thursday, March 11, 2004 - link

    Trust me, it's not impossible to break the side door off this model. I bought it the day it came out from newegg and received no instructions. The model comes with the side panel locked, and I thought it was stuck, since I wasn't used to such a fancy case. Well, I broke the lock off and it was *not* hard. The plastic thingy literally breaks off and the weird metal piece just falls down. Definitely needs a better locking mechanism and some instructions shipped with it.

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