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Ahanix dBox

The Good

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+ LCD control
+ Some thumbscrews
+ 120mm intake
+ 5.25” and 3.5” bay covers

The Bad

- Expensive
- No Removable Tray
- Design Flaws
- Sharp edges

Ahanix is not exactly a household name in the computer case market, yet.  An American based company, Ahanix has designed several cases and a water cooling unit that has drawn mixed opinion throughout the case market.  Ahanix’s most popular case, the Noblesse, has gained a fairly strong following in the case industry.  Ahanix has several cases on the market now, complete with an aluminum and a HTPC solution. 

The largest amount of talk has spurred around Ahanix’s newest case, the dBox.  This case has drawn much attention because of its LCD faceplate which comes standard on the unit.  We are starting to see several other cases like this one come into the market, so it is safe to say self monitoring cases are definitely hitting the market full force.

We were very anxious to get a dBox case as they have been appearing in both the OEM and retail channels.  Several smaller companies have been using utilizing the dBox in custom designs because of its fairly unique blend of style and functionality.  Get ready as we dive headfirst into one of the most popular new cases on the market.

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