Quick Look

Thermaltake Xaser II 6000 Plus

The Good

+ 1.0mm Aluminum Chasis
+ Stylish
+ Onboard Thermometer
+ Front Panel USB and Firewire
+ Front Panel fan control

The Bad

- Expensive
- NO Power Supply
- NO WTX form factor


Cases seem to have come a long way in the last few years. Just a few years ago a wave of aluminum cases from Lian Li began to push the market into a new trend of alternative building materials.  Big names like Antec, Skyhawk and now ThermalTake now all have some sort of aluminum case to offer.

Many of our readers have been asking if aluminum is really worth the tradeoff in price.  For this review, we have a few in depth tests, including a head to head match up between a non-specific steel ‘dragon’ style case and the ThermalTake A6000B.

We would like to thank ENPC.com for supplying the AnandTech Labs with ThermalTake’s high end response to the recent flood of aluminum cases.  As the 6000 series cases are only available in limited quantities through a very few select resellers we were extremely pleased to receive one of these cases when we did.  While the Xaser II comes in several models, we are only reviewing the A6000B.  The difference between the models is small, however, as the only difference between the A6000B and the A6000A are side panel modifications.  Is the new aluminum player on the block worth the cost?  Let us dive right in as we disassemble, analyze and benchmark the ThermalTake Xaser II A6000B!

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