Soyo continues to push into the high-end of the motherboard market with its DRAGON line of products. Whether it was their 645DX or P4X400 motherboards, Soyo has been pursuing the high-end market for a while now, and for several good reasons.

The first reason is simple; Soyo's a business, and like any other business they want to build up as much capital as possible. Therefore, Soyo has focused a good portion of their business strategy towards producing top-of-the-line (i.e. expensive) motherboards. This move couldn't apply better to the Soyo KT400 Ultra. This is where the second reason comes into play; the KT400 Ultra series symbolizes yet another attempt by Soyo to gain a reputable name as a motherboard maker. So far we they've done a bang-up job with their DRAGON series of motherboards, and it's fairly evident that their efforts have proven successful so far, as more and more enthusiasts are taking their motherboards seriously. Soon enough, Soyo might be considered a serious threat to top-tier motherboard makers like ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte.

But for now, Soyo has to battle it out in the increasingly cutthroat desktop motherboard industry. Read on to see how Soyos' latest incarnation (the Soyo KT400 DRAGON Ultra) fares against the competition.

Soyo KT400 DRAGON Ultra: Basic Features
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