Two days ago Intel made the mistake of playing a video of a DX11 game (F1 2011) instead of running the game itself on an Ivy Bridge Ultrabook. We mentioned the gaffe in our original post on the topic and followed up yesterday with a video that showed the title working on an Ivy Bridge notebook. Unfortunately the Ultrabook from the original demo wasn't available at the time, but we finally got some hands on time with the exact system that Mooly used in the original presentation:

The Ivy Bridge part inside runs at 2.0GHz by default but it supports configurable TDP, which is where the 2.5GHz value that Windows reports comes from. Intel isn't entirely sure how it's going to report configurable TDP values at this point. The part is a 17W ULV CPU.

The game is F1 2011, we confirmed it was once-again running in DX11 mode and at Medium quality defaults at the Ultrabook's native 13x7 resolution. 
Video of the system is running below:


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  • Johan Steyn - Friday, January 13, 2012 - link

    Intel won the CPU war. Why? Because of evil marketing. Their fine was 'n mere slap on the wrist. Intel makes that fine in a quarter yet AMD lost a great deal of possible marketshare during the P4 period. It is however a miracle that a minute company like AMD is still around. Maybe it is more likely that Intel cannot let AMD die yet. Maybe ARM will change that.

    Still, AMD has managed a great product with Llano. But be warned, if you think that Intel will not eventually beat ATi graphics with all their resources, you are misguided. I still think that somewhere in the future Intel will reap what they have sown and maybe another company like ARM will dig their grave, or maybe I am just an idealist.

    I am not surprised that Intel once again used cunning deception. I am surprised though that people will defend it. I must say though that Anand is a bit better than Toms. Toms has probably been on Intel's payroll for quite some time. Anand please do not go the same way.
    I am sure you are making enough money from your website.
  • Scali - Monday, January 23, 2012 - link

    I don't get the big deal really...
    Mooly was VERY OBVIOUSLY faking it.
    He said something like: "Look, with one hand!", then: "Look, no hands!".
    Then he said it was played back by the people backstage.
    So he was quite open about the demo not being live. He just chose to present it in a humorous way.
    I think some people just don't have any sense of humour.
    People now try to pretend as if Intel deliberately tricked the audience into believing the demo was real, and they were 'caught' afterwards. As if nobody would have found out if sites like Anand hadn't mentioned that it wasn't a real demo?
    Nothing could be further from the truth.

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