Following the release of Ice Cream Sandwich's source code, Cyanogen announced via Twitter that work had begun on CyanogenMod 9, the Ice Cream Sandwich-based version of the popular community-developed Android distribution. He also announced a rough ETA of two months from now - this is, of course, an extremely informal announcement and should be taken with a grain of salt, but it suggests that work on the new version should progress quickly.

CyanogenMod is popular among users for a number of reasons: it's updated more often and more quickly than the Android versions distributed with many phones, it includes a number of useful enhancements and utilities, it gives users of heavily customized devices (like the Nook Color) access to the full Android feature set, and it does its best to improve the tablet experience for Android tablets without Honeycomb, which never had its source code released (the CyanogenMod version number is jumping directly from 7 to 9 to acknowledge that fact). The new Ice Cream Sandwich version should further improve the experience on tablets, and it may also be a way for users of older or officially unsupported devices (like Google's Nexus One) to take advantage of Android 4.0's improvements.

The CyanogenMod team will continue work on CM 7 in the meantime - another Tweet from Cyanogen confirmed that version 7.2 of the Gingerbread-based distribution would be developed and released while the team works on CyanogenMod 9. We'll keep tabs on the team's activity as it progresses.

Source: Twitter

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  • piiman - Thursday, November 17, 2011 - link

    Disagree somewhat. The lack of apps on the TP makes me want to use CM7. And while its "rough" for some for me it works almost perfectly. I only have to toggle the wifi on and off when I change wifi locations.

    Hopefully whey will wrap up what they have done since the A2.2 and start on ICS so I have a real tablet Os instead of a phones OS.

    Even without CM9 its still the deal of the century :-)
  • trajik78 - Thursday, November 17, 2011 - link

    i was a sad panda when i heard that my Nexus One wasn't going to be getting the stock 4.0 Os...then team Cyanogen comes and makes me happy in pants!

    I went from the stock 2.3.6 on my Nexus One to Cyanogen 7...what a vast improvement on speed and functionality...and best thing is that my keyboard doesn't crash anymore!

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