For those of you sticking with Vista, Microsoft has finally officially released DirectX 11 for Vista, after having spent the last couple of months in beta. This final release looks to be the same as the last beta released earlier this month.

The update is KB971512, which is being released as part of a larger Platform Update for Vista that includes a few other things that are being backported for Vista. Vista SP2 is the prerequisite, so if you aren’t already on SP2 you’ll need to update.

All of these updates should be available on Windows Update.

We ran a quick sanity check on our Vista install from our Win7 Performance Guide from earlier this week, and there are no surprises. Just like with DX10, DX11 titles (all 2 of them ) perform the same between the two OSes. In this case we’re using BattleForge, along with Unigine’s DX11 Heaven benchmark (it’s synthetic, but pickings are slim for DX11). We’ve also thrown in Crysis for good measure, although it's not a DX11 title.



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  • marc1000 - Wednesday, October 28, 2009 - link

    Thanks! I already installed it. Quite a small download, compared to previous DirectX installers... Reply
  • Scali - Thursday, October 29, 2009 - link

    It only contains the basic Direct3D11 libraries.
    It doesn't contain the runtimes.
    You may have to reinstall the August 2009 runtime ("> in order to get all the updates for DirectX 11 (including compiler and all).
  • marc1000 - Thursday, October 29, 2009 - link

    Thanks for the link! but this is the redistributable EXE, and contains the DX for several languages. I don't believe it is necessary once you've done a correct update using WindowsUpdate site. And maybe this file also has DX9 for WinXP users inside it, because in the description it says it is for WinXP as well Win7.

    thanks anyway!
  • Scali - Thursday, October 29, 2009 - link

    I don't think you understand... It's not the same thing.
    The redistributable contains all the versioned libraries, like d3dx9_nn.dll, d3dx10_nn.dll, d3dx11_nn.dll etc, with nn being the version number.

    The update this blog refers to will just install d3d11.dll and related files, enabling DirectX 11 (which is NOT included with the runtime, else we'd have DX11 on Vista before this update). It doesn't include the runtime as far as I know. So if you had previously installed the runtime, you may have all the latest files for d3d9 and d3d10, but not d3d11 as it wasn't installed on your system yet.
  • The0ne - Wednesday, October 28, 2009 - link

    Do you mean the games perform the same under DX10/DX11 under the same settings or do you mean they perform the same with each being set at their highest settings, with DX11 having more eye candy and stuff? Reply
  • johnsonx - Wednesday, October 28, 2009 - link

    You missed the whole point of the article: They're testing DX11 on Vista. The comparison then is simply DX11 on 7 vs DX11 on Vista, and performance is equal; they also tossed in a DX10 title (Crysis) to ensure no DX10 performance has been lost with the DX11 update.
  • The0ne - Wednesday, October 28, 2009 - link

    No, I didn't lose my point. My question concerns whether or not the test setup, specifically the settings were kept the same or not for DX10/DX11 whether that be in Win7/Vista.

    When someone says "They're testing DX11 on Vista," what settings are they comparing the DX10 counterpart to? Did any of the DX11 features get turn on and compared? Obviously this would be unfair as DX10 won't have the features.

    Just curious that's all.
  • JEDIYoda - Thursday, October 29, 2009 - link

    Your question pointsa to the fact youhave no clue what your talking fact it sounds as if you are trying to sound smart and all when infact the question is at best annoying and at worst ignorant. Reply
  • The0ne - Thursday, October 29, 2009 - link

    I said sorry nerd boy lmao can't appreciate that eh... Reply
  • ayqazi - Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - link

    Do not feed the troll.

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