Hitachi 3D LCD Display Demo

Yet another interesting display technology Hitachi demonstrated is their 3D LCD display.  Hitachi stacked two identical LCD displays on top of each other and varied the brightness of the objects being displayed on each screen using special software to achieve a 3D effect with no special glasses required.  The display was being driven by a Windows PC with dual DVI output and software created by NTT.

Overall we were impressed with the ability to view a 3D image without the need for any special eyewear.  Hitachi says the first application of this display will be in casino gambling machines by mid-2006 and later in car navigation displays.  The video loop running on the display showed a concept interface for a car navigation system and it was very impressive.  Directional arrows overlaid on city streets were much easier to see in “real” 3D as opposed to the conventional 3D maps in today’s navigation systems.  A touch screen version is also in the works.

Hitachi's LCD Display with LED Backlight Finishing off with Philips' Rollable Display
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  • Cygni - Monday, January 9, 2006 - link

    Each 7800GTX 512 has a fillrate of 8.8 gigapixels. Normal 7800GTX has a 6.8 gigapixels. 4 512's, and full 512 clocks (I dont know if they ARE actually clocked that high, but lets assume), would give a fillrate of 35 gigapixels for 4.

    Are there many games or displays in the world that can use this power? Hell no! haha
  • jiulemoigt - Saturday, January 7, 2006 - link

    Could I not simply buy a bluray drive and a hddrive and have both formats in my pc? Also R+ and R- had the same probs but they both sit on drives together, so it is just a matter of time for both to play nice. I like that neither is being forced into a compromise that limits the size or quality of the disks.
  • nomagic - Saturday, January 7, 2006 - link

    Just wait for 6 months. I am sure there will be bluray + HD-DVD combo drives. Unless one of the format dies, we are just going to repeat the old situation, in which a burner would feature both + and - format. Ah, this sucks.
  • Cygni - Saturday, January 7, 2006 - link

    IIRC, the HD laser and Blu Ray laser arent backwards compatabile. However, the HD and normal DVD lasers are. Meaning a combo Blu-ray+Normal DVD drive would need 2 lasers... and a Blu-Ray + HD-DVD + Normal DVD drive would also need 2 lasers.

    As long as the HD-DVD laser can ramp up fast enough and be cheap enough, HD-DVD could survive by default.
  • ArneBjarne - Saturday, January 7, 2006 - link

    You are wrong, both Blu-ray and HD-DVD use the same blue laser. The difference between the two is in disc structure. That is what HD-DVD shares with normal DVD, while BD has a totally new structure.

    Both formats need triple lasers to support either CD/DVD/BD or CD/DVD/HD-DVD, and ALL drives that I have seen so far already have triple lasers.
  • Cygni - Sunday, January 8, 2006 - link

    Your right, same 450nm laser. Which brings up the immediate question, why not a Blu Ray + HD-DVD combo drive? It shouldnt physically require another laser, although i doubt either Blu Ray or HD-DVD are super enthused to make products like that.
  • Pete - Saturday, January 7, 2006 - link

    "Wide color gamut even lager [...]"

    Mmmm, colorful beer. *Drool*
  • hoppa - Saturday, January 7, 2006 - link

    1/8" should be thin enough for anyone!
  • Chadder007 - Saturday, January 7, 2006 - link

    Thanks for the great write up. I like the OLED display and the Paper displays. Also on the LCD's with the LED Backlight....couldn't they get some of the LEDs to turn off to give a super high contrast ratio on those? Like instead of the backlight LCDs now which the whole backlight is on and the LCD doesn't represent black that well, wouldn't the LED backlight be able to present a perfect black?
  • Clauzii - Saturday, January 7, 2006 - link

    Basically that sounds like a good idea to me too.. I think thats one of the Upsides with LED backlight.

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