Quick Look
Aspire X-Navigator The Good
+ Front panel USB/FireWire
+ Four 5-1/4" drive bays
+ Nine removable 3-1/2" drive bays (2 exposed)
+ Included 500W aluminum power supply
+ Five LED case fans
The Bad
- No front panel Audio
- Loud fans
- Bright LED lights

Aspire International is a company whose goal is to satisfy its customers by taking their feedback and turning it into a successful product, which will be taken in by more and more computer users. On their website, Aspire declares that they release their new and innovative products on a quarterly basis to keep up with the changing industry.

Since 1999, Aspire has been committed to providing quality products to customers ranging from peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and audio equipment, to our beloved cases, which hold our expensive, high end components. Over the years, cases have changed to adapt to the wants and needs of users. We recall case designs from 10+ years ago where the main material used was steel. Thinly cut with no attention to sharp edges, we lived with these heavy, badly designed chassis for years. The introduction of aluminum to the PC case industry changed our expectations for what a chassis should be, how it should function, and what features it should have.

Today, we received a chance to look at one of the most innovative designs in the case industry. Made of all aluminum with room for expandability and much more, the X-Navigator from Aspire raised our standards in PC cases. We have performed our usual thermal and sound benchmarks against the X-Navigator as well as taken a look at its most significant features. Read on to see what makes this case such a great product.

More information is available on the X-Navigator at Aspire's website.

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  • Locut0s - Tuesday, October 26, 2004 - link

    Perhaps the second paragraph on the first page should be italicized. It's not obvious at first that it's clipped from the company line. For a second it seemed like the article was being written by Aspire. Reply
  • Locut0s - Tuesday, October 26, 2004 - link

  • SKiller - Tuesday, October 26, 2004 - link

    There seems to be a picture missing on page 2.

    Great looking case. Would be perfect if it had:
    A. Tool-less design (for drives & expansion cards.
    B. Quiter fans (and have the front intake be 120mm).
    C. A more elaborate side panel. Something with an unusual shaped window and maybe etched, UV sensetive design/picture.
    D. Maybe a 'No PS' option for about $120.

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