HP has announced today updates to its Elitebook and Zbook lines, with an aim to 'bring premium experiences and features to the mainstream'. Ultimately, it comes down to a mobile workforce, which is a key aspect to HP's latest marketing push and updates. Elitebook 800 G5 Series The 800 G5 series is a mid-level commercial laptop resting below the flagship premium design of the Elitebook 100 series. HPs goals with this generational update are to bring down features of that premium design to the mainstream and the majority of users. To that end, the Elitebook 800 G5 series was redesigned using an all-aluminum chassis with a lighter color, a narrow border ultrabright IPS display (adapt to changing light conditions through ambient temperature sensors), as well as...

HP ZBook 14 Review: Mobile Workstation Meets Ultrabook

What do you get when you cross an Ultrabook with enterprise features including an optional professional OpenGL GPU? This is apparently the question HP's engineers were asking, and the...

66 by Jarred Walton on 6/20/2014

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