Z5 Pro

In a surprise announcement, Lenovo has revealed its new flagship phone in China: the new Z5 Pro. The phone wouldn’t have been anything particularly special if it weren’t for the fact that Lenovo is also offering a “GT” version of the model which comes with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Effectively, this makes the Z5 Pro GT the very first S855 phone announced, and what seems to be also the first phone with the chipset that will be available for consumers. Lenovo Z5 Pro Z5 Pro Z5 Pro GT SoC Snapdragon 710 2x Kryo 360 (CA75) @ 2.2GHz 6x Kryo 360 (CA55) @ 1.7GHz Adreno 616 Snapdragon 855 1x Kryo 485 Gold (A76 derivative) @ 2.84GHz 1x512KB pL2 3x Kryo 485 Gold (A76 derivative) @ 2.42GHz 3x256KB pL2 4x Kryo 485 Silver (A55 derivative) @ 1.80GHz 4x128KB pL2 2MB...

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