Intel has been ramping up how much it's talking about its first available multimode LTE solution, XMM7160, which we've seen public disclosure of and talked about before. For those not familiar, Intel's XMM7160 is an LTE category 3 multimode (GSM, EDGE, DC-HSPA+) solution capable of covering 15 LTE bands. Today, Intel noted that its XMM7160 solution in a multimode configuration is shipping in a commercial product, namely the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (10.1) in Europe and Asia. Getting a tier-1 socket win is a big deal for Intel, which had a lot of success with its 3G WCDMA parts (XMM6160 and XMM6260 were relatively ubiquitous) but only recently introduced a multimode LTE solution with XMM7160. The other part of the news is the announcement...

Intel XMM7160 LTE Modem Demonstrated on Live Network

Intel's lone ranger and Principal Engineer Francois Piednoel last night sent out an interesting tweet for anyone following Intel's XMM7160 LTE modem development. Francois posted a video showing LTE...

11 by Brian Klug on 9/11/2013

Intel Talks about Multimode LTE Modems - XMM7160 and Beyond

Since acquiring Infineon's wireless division and forming the Mobile Communications Group, Intel has been relatively quiet about its modem portfolio and roadmap. Pre-acquisition parts from Infineon have continued to...

39 by Brian Klug on 8/20/2013

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