Xiaomi Mi 9

The smartphone market is no longer growing as rapidly as it used to several years ago, but it is actively segmentizing as customers want their handsets to be tailored for their needs. This presents opportunities for companies with R&D capabilities as they can capitalize on special-purpose devices. A couple of years ago Xiaomi established its Black Shark subsidiary to address mobile gamers. Since then, Black Shark has introduced two gaming handsets. This week, the subsidiary introduced its third offering.

Xiaomi Launches The New MIX3 5G and Mi9 for European Markets

Today Xiaomi has announced the launch of the new MIX3 5G and new Mi9 for European markets. The event represents a big and important development for Xiaomi, as it...

2 by Andrei Frumusanu on 2/24/2019

MWC 2019: Xiaomi Mi 9 Global Launch Press Event Live Blog (9:30am UTC)

Xiaomi recently launched the Mi 9 in China, and today at MWC the company will launch it globally. We're here ready to report on the launch, as well as...

8 by Ian Cutress & Anton Shilov on 2/24/2019

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