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It’s amazing how time flies. Only four years ago, Microsoft launched the Xbox One, its successor to the Xbox 360, but the Xbox One was a strategic departure from the Xbox 360 in many ways. Microsoft bet big on a couple of key features, and while some of them were successful, others were not. The Xbox team had some very clear goals for their latest console, with arguably the biggest goal being true 4K gaming support. But before we dig into what’s new, let’s first go over some history, since it is history that has driven decisions this time around.

Microsoft Details The Xbox One Fall Update, Available Today

There’s a lot going on in Xbox land, with the launch of the new Xbox One X console due for November 7th, and, thanks to the biannual Windows update...

29 by Brett Howse on 10/16/2017

Hot Chips: Microsoft Xbox One X Scorpio Engine Live Blog (9:30am PT, 4:30pm UTC)

This week it's the Hot Chips conference in Cupertino. We're sat nice and early, with the first talk today from Microsoft. John Sell, a Microsoft hardware veteran, is set...

33 by Ian Cutress on 8/21/2017

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Gets a Launch Date: Xbox One X, $499, November 7th

Over the last several months, Microsoft has been trickling out details about their mid-generation hardware update for the Xbox One console, which has been going under the name Project...

88 by Ryan Smith on 6/11/2017

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio: More Hardware Details Revealed

This news piece contains speculation, and suggests silicon implementation based on released products and roadmaps. The only elements confirmed for Project Scorpio are the eight x86 cores, 6 TFLOPs...

113 by Ian Cutress on 4/6/2017

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