LAS VEGAS, NV – One of the announcements from AMD’s Tech Day prior to CES was that of a new chipset coming to the Ryzen market. The purpose of the new chipset, called X470, was for iterative updates: better memory support, lower power consumption, and a couple of other things to be announced closer to launch around April. At GIGABYTE’s suite, they had to hand an ‘X470’ Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi, with the chipset name bit taped over. The initial view of the motherboard was that of a standard high-end AM4 motherboard, using M.2 heatsinks, PCIe reinforcement, DRAM slot reinforcement, LEDs between the DRAM slots, the plastic LED section near the 24-pin connector, a few buttons for overclocking, and heatsinks indicative of GIGABYTE’s Aorus brand...

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