Wear OS

As part of a broad collaborative agreement with Google, Qualcomm this week said that that it will be adopting the RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) for a future Snapdragon Wear platform. Working together, the two companies will be bootstrapping a RISC-V ecosystem for Wear OS devices, with Qualcomm providing the hardware while Google expands its wearables OS and associated ecosystem of tools to support the new processor architecture. Qualcomm's Wear processors have been the de facto chip of choice for Wear OS devices since the launch of Google's wearables platform almost a decade ago, with Qualcomm employing multiple generations of Arm CPU designs. This makes Qualcomm's decision to develop a RISC-V wearables SoC especially significant, as it not only represents one of the highest profile...

Google Acquires Smartwatch Tech and R&D Personnel from Fossil

Google and watch marker Fossil on Thursday announced that Google would be acquiring smartwatch-related intellectual property and personnel from Fossil. The technology is currently under development and will only...

18 by Anton Shilov on 1/18/2019

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