We've looked at AMD's slightly older Tigris platform in the form of their M300 and M600 processors. While performance of those parts was better than previous AMD designs, Intel still maintained a healthy lead in performance and battery life. That wasn't too surprising, and the far more pertinent question is what the new Danube and Nile parts bring to the table. Having taken Nile for a spin and come away impressed, courtesy of the Toshiba T235D, we're now moving up to Danube. AMD again shipped us a recently launched Toshiba A660D notebook, which aims squarely at the midrange performance notebook market. Sporting the first quad-core mobile AMD processor we've ever tested in the form of the Phenom II P920, the A660D should offer quite a...

Toshiba T235D: AMD's 2010 Ultrathin "Nile" Platform

We've been looking forward to testing AMD's Nile Ultrathin platform since the first press releases went out. It's no secret that AMD's mobile offerings have trailed in performance and...

35 by Jarred Walton on 8/23/2010

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