Fujitsu Semiconductor and UMC on Friday said that the latter will acquire 100% ownership of Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor (MIFS), a joint venture between two companies. The move essentially ends history of Fujitsu’s in-house manufacturing of microelectronics that began in 1956. Meanwhile, UMC will gain additional manufacturing resources in Japan, which somewhat boosts its competitive positions against key rivals. Under the terms of the deal, UMC will acquire 84.1% of MIFS from Fujitsu Semiconductor for around ¥57.6 billion ($520.52 million), increasing its current stake of 15.9% to 100%. The transaction is planned to close on January 1, 2019, following approval by the relevant regulators. After the transaction is closed, MIFS will continue to operate and will become a wholly owned subsidiary of UMC (its official name...

ARM Announces New 28nm POP IP For UMC Foundry

Today ARM announces a new POP IP offering directed at UMC's new 28HPCU manufacturing process. To date we haven't had the opportunity to properly explain what ARM's POP IP...

8 by Andrei Frumusanu on 2/4/2016

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