One of our favorite benchmark suites is PCMark 10 from UL, and today they are announcing that the latest version of their testing suite is gaining some new battery life tests. PCMark tries to emulate real-world workloads by mixing in a variety of different tests. There is no one test that is capable of simulating every scenario though, so UL breaks the tests into easy to understand terms such as Office and Gaming. Today’s update brings battery life tests to those same workloads, and will provide another touch-point to get a feel for how long laptops batteries will last doing actual work. This, of course, is not the first time PCMark has offered battery results. The previous version – PCMark 8 – offered battery rundown...

UL Delists Huawei Devices Due To Inaccurate Benchmarks

A few days ago we published our article addressing Huawei and Honor’s inaccurate benchmarking behaviour. In a nutshell, we had found out that this year’s devices had introduced a...

33 by Andrei Frumusanu on 9/6/2018

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