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This January, I received an email from a company offering a new ergonomic keyboard, with the not-so-humble name of “Truly Ergonomic Computer Keyboard” (aka TECK), manufactured by a relatively new company that likewise uses the name Truly Ergonomic (hello name space collision). While the names are at least in part marketing, what they make clear is that the goal of the company and their first product is to improve ergonomics with our computer keyboards, and they sent me the TECK for review. The transition from a traditional keyboard or even a curved “natural” keyboard to the TECK can be quite painful, and as part of the purchase agreement you commit to using the TECK for 31 days before you’re eligible for the 60-day money back...

First Impressions: the TECK Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

This is my very first encounter with the “world’s first Truly Ergonomic Computer Keyboard”, aka the TECK. I received the keyboard today after inquiring about a review sample—the reason...

42 by Jarred Walton on 1/19/2013

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