Swift 5

Everyone loves the lack of weight. Carting around a trade show, at least for me, helps the less I’m carrying, and so my work device has transitioned from a clunky beast into a light 13-inch thin-bezel with as much power and battery as I can put into it. The holy trinity of quality, battery, and weight, is hard to achieve. Acer thinks they have something at a 15-inch screen size that fits the bill. The newest Acer Swift 5 (SF515-51T) is officially launched today as the world’s lightest 15-inch notebook. The key behind the weight saving, says Acer, is the magnesium-lithium alloy clamshell design. We’ve seen laptops with this contruction before, such as the LaVie Z, however never in a 15-inch design. Acer is planning...

Acer Unveils Ultralight 15.6-Inch Swift 5 Laptop: Less than 2.2 Lbs

Acer announced one of the company's thinnest and lightest 15.6-inch class laptops at its annual Next@Acer event. The laptop packs Intel’s latest Core CPU and can work for a...

12 by Anton Shilov on 5/23/2018

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