Netgear is a popular vendor in the SMB and SME market segments for switches and access points. While they do have full-blown managed switches, their smart offerings (which rely on web management, rather than CLI) are very popular amongst IT administrators. Today, Netgear is announcing a host of new products (switches and access points) that build upon the smart offerings under the 'Insight-Managed Smart Cloud' category. The main difference compared to the existing offerings is the ability to set up, monitor, and maintain the equipment via Netgear's cloud-based Insight mobile app (available for iOS and Android). This is in addition to the traditional web-based management UI. The attractive aspect here is that the equipment can be installed and set up without having to configure...

Toshiba Announces MN05ACA-Series HDDs: Up to 8 TB

Toshiba has announced a new family of 3.5" hard drives for home and SOHO NAS devices. The new MN-series HDDs have up to 8 TB of capacity and support...

23 by Anton Shilov on 2/15/2017

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