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By now everyone should be fairly familiar with Intel's smartphone strategy - by partnering with both carriers and handset vendors, Intel hopes to quickly carve out a niche of the smartphone market and demonstrate a commitment to x86 for phones and tablets. The partners so far include Lenovo with the K800, Motorola with upcoming devices, and Lava with the Xolo X900. We've already taken a look at the Lava Xolo X900 device, which was based around the first iteration of Intel's FFRD (Form Factor Reference Device) and came away pretty impressed with Intel's first phone. Intel Smartphone Comparison Device Lava Xolo X900 Orange San Diego SoC Intel Atom Z2460 w/ 1GB LPDDR2 PoP DRAM Baseband Intel XMM 6260 NAND 16GB Dimensions 123mm x 63mm x 10.99mm 123mm x 63mm x 9.99mm Weight 127g 117g OS Android 2.3.x (4.0.x upgrade available OTA) The...

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