Nano IPS

LG has announced the 34WK95U, a new “dream monitor” for prosumers, gamers, multimedia enthusiasts and everyone who needs a large ultra-wide screen along with a high resolution that is beyond 4K. The new 34” display is expected to be available sometimes in 2018, but LG does not say when. The LG UltraWide 34WK95U uses an IPS panel with a 5120×2160 resolution (which the manufacturer calls 21:9 5K ultra-wide) and the recently announced Nano IPS technology. The initial benefit of a 'wider than 4K' resolution (5120-wide vs 3840-wide) is for 4K content creators to see a whole video with UI elements down either side. The Nano IPS technology enables the panel to deliver "a broad range of accurate colors", as LG puts it. Given the fact...

LG Develops ‘Nano IPS’ LCD, Unveils 32UK950 4K Display with DCI-P3, HDR600, TB3

LG has announced a new kind of IPS liquid crystal panel that features an improved color reproduction. The Nano IPS technology will be used for LG’s upcoming high-end displays...

67 by Anton Shilov on 12/22/2017

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