BlackBerry Limited has announced that it had completed acquisition of Cylance, a company developing machine learning and artificial intelligence-based security technology. The move adds valuable IP and technologies to BlackBerry’s vast portfolio of security solutions for the connected world. Cylance reports that it uses sophisticated AI and ML algorithms to predict, detect, and prevent, known and unknown threats. Such technologies are expected to enhance BlackBerry’s QNX and Spark platforms for connected cars as well as IoT devices. Since many of these new product markets did not exist until several years ago, potential threats that can harm them remain largely unknown. As a result, advanced algorithms that that can predict and detect them should make a great sense for software platforms that are used to run...

Scaling Inference with NVIDIA’s T4: A Supermicro Solution with 320 PCIe Lanes

When visiting the Supercomputing conference this year, there were plenty of big GPU systems on display for machine learning. A large number were geared towards the heavy duty cards...

12 by Ian Cutress on 11/19/2018

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