Small form-factor machines have emerged as a very significant chunk of the PC market. Building on the success of the UCFF NUCs, Intel introduced the mini-STX platform in 2015. We have seen multiple mSTX PCs from vendors such as ASRock (DeskMini 110), ECS (LIVA One), and MSI (Cubi 2 Plus). ASRock took things a bit further by creating the micro-STX form factor that could accommodate a discrete GPU (MXM card). The DeskMini Z270 was introduced last year, and the Z370 version with support for Coffee Lake CPUs was launched a few months ago. Today's review takes a look at the DeskMini Z370 GTX1060 version.

ASRock at CES 2018: Micro-STX DeskMini GTX PC Gets Coffee Lake

ASRock introduced its second-generation Micro-STX gaming desktops with discrete graphics processors at CES 2018. The new DeskMini GTX systems are based on the Intel Z370 platform and support Intel’s...

16 by Anton Shilov on 1/19/2018

Digital Storm at CES: Project SPARK Mini-PC Announced with GTX 1080 and i7-8700K

LAS VEGAS, NV — This year at CES, Digital Storm, a US-based boutique custom PC maker, has unveiled Project SPARK, its smallest enthusiast-class PC to date. According to Digital...

6 by Joe Shields on 1/9/2018

ASRock Shows DeskMini GTX/RX, using Micro-STX Motherboard with MXM Support

One of the recurring themes in my discussions with motherboard manufacturers over the past several years is one of introducing differentiation to products and through that, new form factors...

33 by Ian Cutress on 1/18/2017

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