Mi Max

After posting several teasers on the official twitter feed, Xiaomi has now announced a large battery, large screen ‘smartphone’ that blurs the line between 7-inch tablets and 6-inch smartphone. The Mi Max is a step above the previous Mi Note devices, trying to combine the pervasive ‘thin’ design in modern smartphones while also adding plenty of battery life. The only way to effectively do this is to add area, so the final result is a 6.4-inch device. Xiaomi Max vs Note Mi Max Mi Note Max Max (Pro?) Note Note Pro SoC Snapdragon 650 2xA72 @ 1.80 GHz 4xA53 @ 1.44 GHz Snapdragon 652 4xA72 @ 1.80 GHz 4xA53 @ 1.44 GHz Snapdragon 801 4x Krait 400 @ 2.50 GHz Snapdragon 810 4xA57 @ 2.0 GHz 4xA53 @ 1.5 GHz GPU Adreno 510 Adreno 330 @ 578MHz Adreno 430 @ 600MHz RAM + NAND 3 GB + 32 GB 4 GB +...

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