Today Samsung unexpectedly announced the brand new Exynos 990 chipset – likely to be Samsung’s flagship SoC for 2020, employing the newest IP and offering the newest features on the 7nm EUV manufacturing node. The chip closely follows the release of the Exynos 980 earlier in September, and both new silicon chips bring with them 5G connectivity alongside their new product naming scheme. Samsung Exynos SoCs Specifications SoC Exynos 990 Exynos 9820 / 9825 CPU 2x Exynos M5 @ ? GHz (+20% perf) 2x Cortex A76 @ ? GHz 4x Cortex A55 @ ? GHz 2x Exynos M4 @ 2.73 GHz 2x 512KB pL2 3 MB L3 2x Cortex A75 @ 2.31 / 2.4GHz 2x 256KB pL2 4x Cortex A55 @ 1.95 GHz No pL2's 1MB L3 GPU Mali G77MP11 @ ? MHz Mali G76MP12 @ 702 MHz Memory Controller LPDDR5 @ 2750MHz 4x 16-bit CH LPDDR4X @ 2093MHz 2MB...

Arm's New Mali-G77 & Valhall GPU Architecture: A Major Leap

Along today’s announcement of the new Cortex-A77 CPU microarchitecture, the arguably bigger announcement is Arm’s unveiling of the new Valhall GPU architecture and the new Mali-G77 GPU. It’s been...

42 by Andrei Frumusanu on 5/27/2019

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