Latitude Rugged

Dell has introduced a new version of its high end 12-inch Latitude Rugged Extreme tablet, the Latitude 7220 Rugged Extreme. Like other ruggedized PCs, the new 7220 is designed to reliably work in harsh environments, offering against scapes, drops, and material ingresses of all kinds. At a high level, Dell's latest ruggedized tablet largely carries over their earlier designs – making it compatible with 'most' of the accessories developed for them – but now it has been upgraded to a quad-core Intel Core 8th Generation CPU, a 1000 nits display, as well as the latest in connectivity technologies. Dell has a history of offering fully-rugged tablets that goes back to 2015, and with the Latitude 7220 RE they are now on their third generation tablet...

Dell Launches Three Rugged Latitude Laptops with up to 1000-nit Displays

Dell today introduced its new generation of ruggedized Latitude laptops designed to operate in rough locations. The new family consists of three base models that offer different levels of...

7 by Anton Shilov on 10/23/2018

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