Intel SSD 310

Although not quite the Intel SSD announcement we were expecting in Q4, today Intel unveiled its first mSATA SSD: the Intel SSD 310. Based on the 34nm Intel X25-M G2 controller, the 310 will be available in both 40GB and 80GB capacities. The 80GB version should perform a bit slower than an 80GB X25-M G2 while the 40GB version will perform like a 40GB X25-V. Intel SSD 310 Comparison Intel SSD 310 Intel X25-M G2 (34nm) Intel X25-V (34nm) Codename Soda Creek Postville Postville Capacities 40/80GB 80/160GB 40GB NAND IMFT 34nm MLC IMFT 34nm MLC IMFT 34nm MLC Sequential Performance Read/Write Up to 200/70MB/s (80GB) Up to 170/35MB/s (40GB) Up to 250/100 MB/s Up to 170/35MB/s Random 4KB Performance Read/Write Up to 35K/6.6K IOPS (80GB) Up to 25K/2.5K (40GB) Up to 35K/8.6K IOPS Up to 25K/2.5K (40GB) Typical Power Consumption Active/Idle 150mW/75mW 150mW/75mW 150mW/75mW Size 50.8mm x 29.85 mm x 4.85 mm 100.5mm x 69.9...

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