Micron this month completed acquisition of Inotera Memories, a DRAM production company it has co-owned for eight years controlled its output for three years. The acquisition is designed to help Micron to increase its profit margins and enable the company to better manage the transition of Inotera's production capacity to newer fabrication technologies. In the meantime, Nanya Technology, a former co-owner of Inotera, gets $4.1 billion and options to license Micron’s two 10 nm-class DRAM manufacturing processes. Inotera was established in early 2003 as a joint venture between Nanya and Infineon, with Nanya controlling two-thirds of the company. Under the terms of the agreement, Infineon developed process technologies in exchange for part of the Inotera output (technology-for-capacity deals were common in the DRAM industry back...

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