AOC have just introduced a new high definition 15.6-inch portable USB monitor for those who need more screen real estate than their laptop can provide without worrying too much about having the right display connector. USB monitors are popular for users when giving presentations, or for multi-window work. Labelled as the I1659FWUX, this 15.6-inch display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a conventional refresh rate of 60Hz. It features an IPS panel with a matte anti-glare coating, a brightness of 220 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 700:1, and a 25ms response time. The viewing angles are listed as 160° (CR>10) horizontal and 160° (CR>10) vertical. The "CR>10" part means that you can view 160° of the screen while retaining a contrast ratio...

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