We've reviewed a few of Nanoxia's cases already, and they've done well overall. Today we're looking at their latest and grandest creation, the Deep Silence 6. As the name implies, this is the sixth case that Nanoxia has designed and it's targeted towards a very specific segment of the market, namely hardcore enthusiasts and advanced users that might want a gigantic case. How does Nanoxia fare when you take their core design and "super size" it? Read on for the full review.

Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Case Review: Were It Not For Competition

We've long maintained that Rosewill's Thor v2 is one of the best deals floating around for enthusiasts. In that enclosure, Rosewill has a product that's fairly feature rich, quiet...

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Lian Li PC-A76X Case Review: The Limits of Aluminum

As a case designer and manufacturer, Lian Li has built their entire business around aluminum. It's one of those materials that seems to have a real marketing draw, that...

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Cubitek HPTX ICE Review: How Far Aluminum Can Go

Aluminum has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance in the notebook industry, spearheaded largely by Apple and now Intel's ultrabook initiative, but as a construction material for desktop...

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