Toshiba in the past week has finalized plans to build a new production facility to make 3D NAND flash memory. The company will start construction in early 2017 and in addition to a new manufacturing site Toshiba will also build a new R&D center. Toshiba is still talking with its partner Western Digital about joint investments in the new facility, but no matter what, the building will be completed in mid-2018 and the fab will start high volume production in 2019. Toshiba intends to start construction of the first phase of its new fab in February 2017 and no decisions about the second phase of the project have been made so far. The building is set to be complete inside and out sometime in summer...

Toshiba to Build New Fab to Produce BiCS NAND Flash

Toshiba this month has announced plans to build a new manufacturing facility to produce its BiCS NAND flash memory. The company intends to start making chips at the new...

5 by Anton Shilov on 3/25/2016

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