EVO Spear

Geil recently announced the availability of its new EVO Spear series of memory, with kits labeled specifically for either Intel and AMD Ryzen based systems. Geil states the EVO Spear series is intended for gamers, enthusiasts, and case modders looking for a cost-effective upgrade. The two flavors give one for Intel and the other for AMD Ryzen with capacities up to 64GB and speeds reaching 3600 MT/s (although not at the same time). Geil says the EVO Spear series of RAM is optimized for Intel Core X, i7, and i5 Processors which includes the Z200 and X299 series chipsets. They go on to say the AMD Edition sticks are fully compatible with Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5 Processors, and AM4 motherboards, and we suspect that Ryzen...

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