With its Z68 chipset Intel introduced SSD caching (Smart Response Technology), a feature that would allow you to use an ultra small SSD as a read/write cache in front of a larger mechanical drive or array. We tested the feature earlier this year and came away impressed. While we still prefer a large SSD, if you can't afford one or aren't willing to deal with a SSD + HDD combo then SSD caching is a good alternative. Unfortunately Intel's technology is limited to the Z68 chipset and some mobile chipsets. This is where Diskeeper comes in. At Computex this year we came aross a demonstration of ExpressCache. Like Intel's Smart Response Technology, ExpressCache is a software layer that lets you cache HDD reads/writes with a...

Computex 2011: Diskeeper ExpressCache Provides an Alternative to SSD Caching for OEMs

As we found out in our Z68 review, Intel's SRT (SSD Caching) is basically a software tool baked into Intel's RST driver - there's no real hardware requirement in...

14 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 5/31/2011

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