Digital Storm

LAS VEGAS, NV — This year at CES, Digital Storm, a US-based boutique custom PC maker, has unveiled Project SPARK, its smallest enthusiast-class PC to date. According to Digital Spark, its goal was to, "...raise the bar in terms of performance per square inch and cooling." - to accomplish this, inside the Micro STX platform sized case is a custom water cooling solution using hardline piping helping to keep up to a Geforce GTX 1080 and Intel i7-8700K cool. Specifications were a bit scarce from the official press release, but we do know custom configurations are based on the latest Intel Z370 platform running Coffee Lake-based CPUs and will use MXM format video cards. The entry-level GPU starts with a Geforce GTX 1060, ensuring...

Digital Storm BOLT X: A Kaby Lake-Based SFF PC with Custom Liquid Cooling

At CES this year, Digital Storm introduced its new compact PC design that weds a small form-factor with a specially-designed liquid cooling system. The BOLT X is designed to...

17 by Anton Shilov on 1/13/2017

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