Compute Card

Intel unveiled its credit card-sized Compute Card at CES earlier this year, and now at Computex, the company has brought us up to speed on the available SKUs and the release date. The Compute Card comes packed with the full functionality of a standard computer, including an SoC, connectivity, storage, and memory in one slim device. The device slots into a range of devices from laptops, tablets, and AIOs to interactive refrigerators and IoT gateways. The devices can be ejected and replaced, thus decoupling compute from the device and allowing for easy upgrades as the card evolves into more powerful variants. That could also make for interesting new laptop platforms with longer shelf lives. Intel Compute Card SKUs CD1IV128MK CD1M3128MK CD1P64GK CD1C64GK CPU Core i5-7Y57 Core m3-7Y30 Pentium N4200 Celeron N3450 Memory 4GB DDR3 Storage 128GB Intel SSD 64GB...

Intel Compute Card: A Universal Compute Form-Factor for Different Kinds of Devices

At CES 2017, Intel introduced a new form-factor for computing platforms in order to enable easy development, configuration, maintenance, repair and upgrade of various devices. Intel’s Compute Card is...

35 by Ganesh T S & Anton Shilov on 1/11/2017

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