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LAS VEGAS, NV — Today at CES 2018, NVIDIA announced PC availability of the GeForce NOW, their cloud-based game-streaming service, as a free closed beta. Not to be confused with the identically named GeForce NOW subscription service for NVIDIA SHIELD, the GeForce NOW service for Macs and PCs is a compute time rental service, with players renting a stipped down virtual machine that can be used to run already-owned games from Steam and other services. The Mac beta launched last summer, with PC support coming just today. Both iterations utilize a waitlist and so interested users must sign up to receive invitations for the free beta. Game-streaming services are not new to NVIDIA; as mentioned earlier, the NVIDIA SHIELD's game-streaming service is also called GeForce...

NVIDIA's GeForce NOW - GRID Cloud Gaming Service Goes the Subscription Way

NVIDIA's GRID game streaming service was launched back in 2013 as a beta project. Over the last couple of years, they have added a number of features that bring...

44 by Ganesh T S on 9/30/2015

NVIDIA’s GRID Game Streaming Service Rolls Out 1080p60 Support

Word comes from NVIDIA this afternoon that they are rolling out a beta update to their GRID game streaming service. Starting today, the service is adding 1080p60 streaming to...

62 by Ryan Smith on 5/12/2015

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