Toshiba has announced the fourth iteration of their OEM client NVMe SSD that is delivered as a single BGA chip package containing both the SSD controller and the NAND flash memory. The Toshiba BG4 is a significant upgrade over the BG3: Toshiba's new 96-layer 3D TLC replaces their 64-layer NAND, allowing for higher capacities and lower power consumption. The PCIe 3 x2 controller used in the BG2 and BG3 is replaced by a new controller supporting PCIe 3 x4, opening the door to much higher sequential I/O performance. The BG4 is still a DRAMless SSD that relies on the NVMe Host Memory Buffer (HMB) feature to mitigate the performance penalties that a DRAMless drive otherwise suffers from. Toshiba has enhanced their use of HMB with...

ADATA Unveils IUSP33F BGA SSDs: Up to 1.2 GB/s Throughput

ADATA has announced its first SSDs in a BGA form-factor. The IUSP33F drives are designed for devices that require a storage solution with a minimal footprint, such as thin-and-light...

8 by Anton Shilov on 9/13/2018

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