Last month at Computex, ASRock unveiled two new Taichi-inspired motherboards based on a 'lite' approach to aesthetics and design, which they called Taichi Lite. Today, ASRock has officially announced the new Taichi Lite series motherboards to the market with two new models, the ASRock Z790 Taichi Lite (Intel) and the B650E Taichi Lite (AMD). Both models feature the same controller sets as the 'non-lite' variations, with two primary differences; less RGB LED lighting onboard and a more straightforward overall design. With the large swathes of RGB-clad components, peripherals, and accessories currently on the market allowing users to create a rainbow-themed discotheque in anyone's home, there's another side to the spectrum. Not everyone likes lots of RGB, and when it comes to bright clusters of RGB...

ASRock Unveils Z790 and B650E Taichi Lite Motherboards: Taichi Goes Lite

At Computex 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan, ASRock unveiled two motherboards based on its popular and long-running Taichi series, but with a slight twist. Designed to offer an alternative to...

6 by Gavin Bonshor on 6/2/2023

AMD Announces B650 Extreme Chipset for Ryzen 7000: PCIe 5.0 For Mainstream

Over the last couple of months, the rumor mill surrounding AMD's impending Ryzen 7000 processors for desktops has been in overdrive. Although Lisa Su unveiled Zen 4 back at...

24 by Gavin Bonshor on 8/29/2022

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