Android 5.0

For the past few years, we’ve seen Google place significant emphasis on price as a way of competing with other tablets on the market. The original Nexus 7 managed to deliver a good tablet experience without the conventional 500 USD price for a tablet. The successor to the Nexus 7 was even more incredible, as it pushed hardware that was equal to or better than most tablets on the market at a lower price. However, as with most of these low cost Nexus devices not everything was perfect as corners still had to be cut in order to hit these low price points. The Nexus 9 is supposed to be the polar opposite. Instead of driving price as the primary differentiator, Google has refocused on...

The Android 5.0 Lollipop Review

Google has been very busy with their expansion of Android as a platform this year. At Google IO we saw the announcement of endeavors like Android TV and Android...

126 by Brandon Chester on 12/1/2014

Quick Note: Android Camera2 and Support For External ISPs

While we've written about Android's Camera2 API before, there was one notable aspect of the discussion that was missing. The missing piece was a discussion of the physical link...

8 by Joshua Ho on 11/9/2014

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