CyberLink's PowerDVD 17, introduced in April 2017, was the first software player to bring UltraHD Blu-ray playback to the PC market (albeit, with plenty of hardware restrictions). We also took it for a hands-on test drive in our article on building a 4K home-theater PC setup. CyberLink made PowerDVD 18 official a few weeks back. While the major features - UltraHD Blu-ray playback and support for virtual reality head-mounted devices (VR HMDs) - remains essentially the same, the company has introduced a number of interesting value additions. On the home-theater front, PowerDVD 18 brings the ability to play back Blu-ray titles on non-16:9 displays without letterboxing. While PowerDVD 17 could play back HDR Blu-ray titles, it unfortunately didn't support HDR from online sources such as YouTube...

Acer Announces Holo 360° Camera with Integrated 4G LTE

Acer has demonstrated a new camera designed to capture 360° videos and can upload content to the Internet without a PC or a smartphone. The Holo 360 camera is...

6 by Anton Shilov on 5/1/2017

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