Anand (not me ;)...) didn’t hold back and provided some interesting information about Intel’s next-generation mobile CPU that we weren’t previously aware of.

The 0.13-micron Banias processor weighs in at 77 million transistors; you’ll note that this is a higher transistor count than the current 0.13-micron Northwood Pentium 4 processor. By far the biggest consumer of transistors is cache and thus we would expect Banias to have a fairly large L2 cache, probably around 1MB. We confirmed that the architecture is basically Pentium III derived with the addition of the features mentioned below.

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You can also see a large portion of the die reserved for cache in the shot above.

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Another slide provided a list of the following as features of the Banias architecture:

- Optimized Speculation
- Advanced Branch Prediction
- Micro-Op Fusion
- Dedicated Stack Manager
- Advanced Power Control (through granular hardware gating & enhanced speedstep technology)

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