AOpen AK77 Plus

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AOpen AK77 Plus

CPU Interface
VT8366A North Bridge
VT8233 South Bridge
Form Factor
Bus Speeds
100 - 248MHz (in 1MHz increments)
Core Voltages Supported
1.100 - 1.850V (in 0.025V increments)
I/O Voltages Supported
Not Configurable
DRAM Voltages Supported
Not Configurable
Memory Slots
3 184-pin DDR DIMM Slots
Expansion Slots
1 AGP Slot
6 PCI Slots
1 CNR Slot
Onboard RAID
Onboard USB 2.0/IEEE-1394
Onboard Audio
Analog Devices AD1885 AC'97 Codec

From the outside, it seems that AOpen's AK77 Plus would be a pretty decent competitor but there's always room for improvement.

The board comes in with 3 DIMM slots all of which can be populated without sacrificing stability. The AK77 Plus features on-board RAID courtesy of a Promise PDC20265R IDE RAID controller, for more information on this controller you can read about it in our i845 DDR Motherboard Roundup.

Our major complaints stem from poor overclocking options. In order to change FSB frequencies between 100MHz and 133MHz you must use a jumper and there is also no multiplier control from within the BIOS. There's no reason for AOpen not to offer these options within the BIOS as most competing manufacturers have been doing so for quite some time.

Another interesting fact we noticed was that the board was only providing our test Athlon XP CPU with 1.70V instead of the 1.75V default it was set to. This could result in instability, especially under stressful conditions.

In order to improve the design we'd suggest that AOpen consider implementing 100/133MHz FSB and multiplier control as options that can be easily adjusted from within the BIOS.



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  • Anonymous User - Monday, September 29, 2003 - link

    How do I get my Engine to Memory clock to run synchronous for my Epox 8kha+ board Reply
  • xrror - Saturday, August 14, 2021 - link

    This was such an exciting time in PC hardware. Intel was still trying to cram Rambus down the industry's throat - and obstinately trying to strong arm the mobo makers and force chipset makers to Rambus licensing. We still had VIA, SiS, ULi, and even nVidia in the chipset market, and with AMD's Athlon line still extraordinarily competitive and Intel in full attack they could no longer just consider AMD as a side-show - this was their leverage against Intel and they had to treat Socket A as premium platform. Reply
  • NegativeROG - Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - link

    I still have this board. AND, I invested all of a $10,000 inheritance in Rambus RDRAM. I'm smarter now (I hope). But, you are right about exciting times in the PC space. I navigated away from AMD for a bit, but came back, and will stay forever. Team RED! Reply

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